Penn Badgely was spotted wearing a soft grey v-neck shirt and it looked great.
Of course to him,v-neck or crew neck, he may be able to pull both almost effortlessly.

The question is, can v-neck be a staple in ‘our’ wardrobe this season, come Penn or not in mens fashion world.

It is versatile because you can wear it under a suit, work shirt, sweater, or wear it only by itself!

When it comes to V-neck shirts, the thing that came to mind is always the sweater version.

They can be worn formally and casually with argyle patterns or just plain palettes.

Then there’s the undergarment v-necks, the evil twin brother of the famous crew neck shirts worn by the stereotypes of male machismo and laidbackness.

V-neck it seems, has always been a question of faith - too near to committing a faux pas too often.

Some fashionable and well built man can carry this one off but then the lesson is to always look up in the mirror and decide this for yourself.

The cutting of v-neck shirts and even the colour is the essence of what you want to present yourself to the world. If you want to pull a very plunging V-neck, do it with confidence because at the end of the day, the world is always for the brave.
For those less initiated, there are always the option of wearing white shirts or plain shirts underneath the V-necks.

These shirts show the inhibited male form with a sense of rebelliousness. It oozes with sexiness and it celebrates the beautiful formed built body.

Yes, these are reasons to hit the gym, do the bench press and the dumbbell curls, more.

But fashion is celebration, not limitation; so try to find a v-neck that goes right with you. Maybe choose a colour or patterns that speaks you and make it your own.

Though some fashion pundits may say that it is best to go with the plain coloured because the attention will go to the chest that sort of thing, do not believe it.

Fashion, is after all, not a one way street. It is never constant. Do not be misled, as it never was about current trends or what is hot in today's fashion magazine. It is about you - Your style, is fashion!

My advice to you is, Make the V-neck yours and own the mens fashion world.

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Cindy Eliza Vaz is a regular Working woman and a legal student, completing her final year under the University of London LLB program before furthering her Masters in Medical Law. Fashion, Writing and Photography is her passion and she enjoy Social Activities. More articles by this author can be found in her personal website: - where she brings Fashion, right to your door-step.

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