When I returned from my vacation this year I was so grateful that I could carve out an entire month of vacation time and still pay all the bills. That’s because my husband and I both have our own businesses and we have learned how to budget our time and our income. We are able to visit the relatives, assist my incredible mother-in-law for a couple weeks, travel to our favorite haunts, and see a bit of the countryside on our drive back East.

It’s taken several years to get to that point but I’m happy we can do it and I hope this inspires others to do the same. Taking a month off is a great goal to have and when you are running a business, and taking time off can actually improve business for you. You come back in a state of restful alertness and rejuvenation. It’s easier to handle the daily operations because you are refreshed and renewed and that will give your business a boost.

I am a big advocate of taking breaks as well as vacations. They are good not only for business but also for your personal and relationship growth.

My husband and I are focused on our work most of the time and we don’t always get to spend much off time together. When we deliberately schedule time off, whether it’s a weekend or our annual month-long trek, we are able to renew our relationship and reconnect on a much deeper level. We also find that the relaxing atmosphere of a vacation renews our inner spirit and paves the way for inner development.

There’s something really special about being out in nature doing the activities you love. For us it’s biking on beautiful trails and swimming in the ocean, in magnificent places such as Cape Cod. I love being near or in the water and even on the day when red flags were up prohibiting swimming because of the six-foot high waves, it was still so wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating to just sit and watch the waves crashing onto the shore. One highlight of the trip was an evening walk along the beach under the full moon. Almost heaven!

Taking a vacation also instills in your psyche a mental mindset of abundance and prosperity, which can also contribute to boost business when you get back.

When you understand that taking time off will boost your business, you will be inspired to take some time off and rejuvenate your soul. It will also be a good exercise in managing your money and your time so you can do it financially without breaking the bank. I don’t recommend using credit cards for vacations so you will have to plan ahead so you have enough money to pay your regular expenses, your vacations expenses, while allowing for the decrease in income the month you are gone.

It takes some forethought but I know if I can do it, you can do it. Give it a try and have a great vacation!

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