When someone mentions that they want to buy a portable vacuum, it is important to get more information from them. You see, a vacuum that fits the term "portable" could mean any number of different vacuum cleaners that are not upright.

Having light portability is of the utmost importance if you are trying to do work such as cleaning delicate computer equipment such as your keyboard or perhaps your printer. Others want to use portable vacuums to clean things like mini blinds, bookshelves, or stairs. Another one will want one to clean the interior of their car.

Sometimes what they mean is a corded small canister vacuum and it comes with a host of accessories so one can use them to clean ceilings, curtains, upholstery, the car in the garage and even little dog or cat hair cracks. Or they can mean a very light one that is wireless and weighs less than 4 pounds.

Portable handheld vacuums could also mean a vacuum cleaner that is easy to transport but can be converted to a blower and a vacuum cleaner as it is sometimes more important to use that feature rather than a vacuum cleaner. Although it is a portable unit, some will want to have accessories that allow for a telescopic wand and such. Or they may want the unit to be equipped with a fully adjustable shoulder strap as they do not want to be recorded during cleaning.

Some want to have a portable vacuum because of someone's allergies or even asthma. Because of this, they may want to look for a vacuum cleaner that, despite being included in the definition of laptop, has a very efficient filtration system. After all, what is needed is to remove all dog and cat dander as well as feces from air mites. Therefore, they will look for a portable vacuum cleaner that has a special High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA) system. Keep in mind that only those types of filters will actually be able to remove 99.97 percent of particles that are larger than 0.3 microns! It is unfortunate that there are some portable vacuums that actually serve to deposit them in the air instead of preserving them in their filters.

Some compact portable vacuums also come with a self-retracting power cord that many consider extremely useful. Others have built-in but hidden compartments where accessories like crevice tools or upholstery brushes are always handy to use, however some users don't like the added weight that on-board tools can provide.

Then there are the "ultra portability" wet-dry vacuums. These actually connect to your DC power port on board your boat, or to the cigarette lighter port in your car. With a reverse capacity, you can even use them to inflate pool toys or air mattresses.

Better engineering has brought benefits such as better maneuverability, quieter operation, dust bag change indicator lights, safety shutdowns that prevent the unit from overheating, and even advanced speed controls on the portable vacuum https://www.amazon.com/APOSEN-Handheld-Cleaner-Powerful-Cyclonic/dp/B07X...

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Sometimes what they mean is a corded small canister vacuum and it comes with a host of accessories