Valentine's Day has been, gone and the shops are getting rid of all the hearts and special love offers. It is just one day for everyone in love to proclaim their love. To be fair this can and should be done every day of the year. Is it vital you get flowers, chocolates or anything else that says "I Love You" on it just on that one day a year.

People like to proposals on February 14th as it is romantic and weddings are the next thing people want to book for the day of love. I would like to say, in a sarcastic way, that it is perceived to be much more romantic doing it on the one day of the year that is all about the love.

So if you have any type of partner be it husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or fiancée then it is one of the best days of the year for you, assuming they remember. The problem is there is people that don't have that special someone, so it may make them sad. I have personally been happily single a number of years so I don't get sad but sometimes I think that it is a day when someone should love me and that tends to make me feel left out.

Please don't get me wrong. I am very happy on my own and to be honest if I wanted flowers then I would get them for myself. I have no need of boxes of chocolate as my hidden stash is in my bedside table and I have plenty of chocolate in it so as I said I am not so much sad as left out. Love is all around me for one day but it can cause a lot of upset for many people who expect something wonderful. Just because it is a special day people don't get anything. Gifts and cards are expected on Valentine's Day and that is just because it is the one day partners are meant to declare undying love.

If I had a partner I would hope to have that undying love every day not just February the 14th because everyone else expects it. I came home from work, like any other day, cooked myself a nice meal which I took out to my conservatory. I spent the evening enjoying the quiet while sitting under my Hunter ceiling fan. I relished the fact that I didn't have to be all loved up or share my quiet space with anyone or anything except my fan.

I am getting very cynical as I get older but if you need all the trappings of Valentine's Day to feel loved then I don't think you are ever going feel truly loved. It is about the feeling not about the material things which it seems like our lives revolve around. If you really love someone then I am sure you made it about showing them love without spending money on things you or that they didn't really need. Just the three words are all I have ever needed. When someone used to say they loved me it was at least once a day then I was happy.

I hope that whether you were with your loved one or like me happily alone that Valentine's Day brought you everything you wanted. Remember the next special day will be Mother’s Day next month and that is the one I am really looking forward to! With five adult children and a couple of adult grandchildren I know I won't get a peaceful evening.

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I really enjoy my writing. I can freely express my views and opinions on all sorts of subjects and things that pop up day by day. The thing I really love writing about is the sheer pleasure of my Hunter ceiling fans so to be able to enjoy one please visit and see all the models and accessories available. You won't regret it!