No need to bore your significant other with menial gifts like a box of heart shaped chocolates and a bunch of plastic wrapped roses with the thorns still intact. There are some gifts that you can give her that show her how much she means to you. On this special day, you should make sure she knows that you have been thinking about this, and are happy to celebrate it with her. This is why instead of just treating her to last minute gifts, how about you opt for something more meaningful from our below laden list?

The Start of Us Map

Go back to the beginning of your relationship. When you first met, the first “I love you” you said to her or when you two moved in together. All you have to do is figure out the day all of this happened, and then let the etsy software do its magic. It will print out what the constellations looked like that day, and make the moment even more special. They will also give you different choices of whether you want the time on the picture, any text you would like to place, and the type of background you would prefer.

The What I Love About You Journal

This is a wonderful present that will help you let your loved one know how you feel about her. Just fill with a couple of sweet nothings, and inside jokes that will give her a good laugh whenever she is in the mood of a little lift me up. It comprises of fill in the blanks, and empty pages left for you to fill out for her amusement.

Glass teapot set with infuser

If she is a tea fiend then this is the gift for her, and she will love you for it. A glass teapot with infuser is a perfect gift for someone who has made tea an everyday ritual. You can even buy her different tea packets which she can add to the infuser and enjoy. You both can develop a tiny little tradition in the evening where you two get together and half a cup of warm tea. Better yet, get her a ball of blooming flower tea, which will earn you a couple of extra points. This goes perfect with the glass teapot with infuser because it will allow you to see the flower unfold which is a perfect aesthetic experience to wind down with at the end of the day.

Actual Handwriting Bracelet

You can write something loving for her to wear around her wrist at all times, and what would make it better than to have it in your own handwriting? Just send a short handwritten note to the shops that offer these services and you will have a gift that she can wear every single day. It would be sweet something that just the two of your share.

Valentines gifts don’t have to be cheap or expensive either, they just have to be meaningful. Just a little bit of research can go a long way.

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