The COVID 19 outbreak has changed the world scenario today. The fast-paced life in major cities across the world came almost to a standstill due to this pandemic. People had to adjust to a new routine strict due to this situation, especially in places under a lockdown. The world is fighting with this disease and trying to recover from it. In India, our honorable prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, had announced lockdown for 21 days and later it got extended until 3rd May, 2020. The lockdown was further extended and all the places were classified as red, orange, and green zones according to the risk posed by COVID-19. The lockdown has been strictly enforced in the Red zones, as the cases of COVID-19 have been high in these areas. Orange and Green zones will have some relief, but the wearing of masks is still compulsory while traveling.
Professional Training About Coronavirus To Keep Them Safe And Motivated
During this lockdown, the private security agencies are among the ones providing their valuable services to all their clients. They are taking care of every guard who is working for them. The agencies not only provide safety tips and training on Coronavirus but also provide the safety face-mask, sanitizers, and food for their guards. These guards are at high risk since they are the ones standing at your gates and checking every visitor’s health, making entry of each members, and questioning them to ensure that there are no threats in the premises of your home or office.
The agencies have provided the necessary training at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak. This has been done to ensure safety and security of their guards as well as their clients. The training sessions have been designed to equip them with the required knowledge to tackle the current situation and perform their duties well in this scenario.
The Major Obstacle For The Security Guard Agency
The security services agencies do face lots of challenges during such situations. The major challenges are to take care of each and every guard who is on duty, and providing them transportation. The supervisors are also taking care of these guards and keeping them motivated during these troubled times. The supervisors' routine tasks are meeting these guards, taking feedback from them, and solving their issues, if any. The management team of the security agencies take care of all the issues and offer proper solutions to their clients.

The motto is clear - we need to fight and win this battle against COVID-19. The healthcare staff, housekeeping staff, private security guards, police, and other personnel who are providing essential services during this lockdown have all done a commendable job. We are grateful to them for their selfless contribution during this war against the pandemic. TOP IPS GROUP is proud to be a part of this battle and would make sure that all the necessary support is provided to our guards and they are kept motivated for achieving our objectives.

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