It is very difficult now days to do without news in our daily life. In a day, we need to know information of various kinds. The various means to get the updated information from various spheres of life are-
• Radio
• Newspapers
• Television
• Mobile

The various types of information which we are normally interested in are the –

• Political news
Sports news
• Business news
• Educational news
• Entertainment news
• Economic news

People in India are not only the lovers of sports of economics but also they are eager to get the Live News from all the sectors as this makes them updated with the minutely details as one can see that the parliament details that too live makes the politics lovers very much aware of what is happening in the political scenario of the centre. Stock market News is daily viewed by all the business people as also investors and this is why there are several channels giving direct telecast of news from several stock markets in the country as also the most important markets in the world. India sports news in the case of mass appeal has the maximum effect.

The effect of live news be it Stock market News or India sports news have been seen again and again. Some news in the stock market gain makes one come in joy and the company which is on hike gets maximum investors on that day and the opposite also happens. The star gets a century in the match and on that very moment the whole country gets busted in joy. This is happening because we can now see every news live.

The value of Live News in spreading awareness has also been seen in certain cases where a baby falls into a big whole and the news makes everyone pray for him. Some certain incident made in some political scenario in the country makes all of us unite and protest like the case of Anna Hazare. Stock market News and India sports news are not only valued as a live news but also the news related to mass appeal are also highly valued whey they are viewed live. Even some ritual functions that happen in some part of the country like Ratha Jayatra in Orrisa or Durga Pujo in Kolkata or Gaesh Chaturthi in Mumbai and sitting in some distant place one can enjoy the charm with live news. SO the value of live news is very high in a country like India as also world around.

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