The value add of monitored backup services can be a questionable affair to many lay managers. For people who are not highly familiar with the IT field and all of the complexities that are hidden from most people, the entire notion of having professionals actively monitoring a data backup service may sound like an unnecessary use of valuable capital. However, everyone who has ever lost precious data to a power outage, a natural disaster, theft or any of the other factors that can ruin data understands the value of having everything backed up. Not everyone appreciates the power of professionals.

*Professional restoration saves you a lot of time and frustration
*Daily support of your data backup functions can become crucial at unexpected times
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When you have professionals actively managing your data backup solutions, you receive several benefits that you would not normally receive when you engage a company for secure data backup but not active management. Among these additional features are professional setup, monitoring, support and restoration. While the restoration and setup processes may be reasonably easy to understand the value of, of far less noticeable value much of the time is the monitoring and support functions. Whether they seem to be useful or not, they are a crucial component of data backup every day.

It is natural not to think much about the actual monitoring aspect of your data backup. This is mostly a function of the fact that you are busy running your business. The monitoring takes place transparently in the background, and as such you only notice this when you actually need your data returned to you after something unfortunate has happened. However, the real work goes on constantly, because your data can be corrupted at any time by a number of different factors.

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At any moment, a hacker could attempt to mess with your information or even eliminate it entirely. With active monitoring in place, it is far less likely that this attempt at subterfuge will be successful than it would if the network was only checked every few months for more basic operational functionality. With people actively patrolling the digital area, there are also far less chances that a systems glitch of some manner will end up corrupting your data and rendering it useless. Again, this is a function that you may never actually see or know about. But if your data were restored in a corrupted state after a significant data loss, effectively speaking the service would not have returned your data to you.

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Additionally, there is the support function that all systems administrators will ultimately end up fulfilling at some point in their careers. When someone from your accounting, sales or human resources department has a question about some data that needs to be restored or that cannot be found, this function can suddenly become vital to the operation of your company. Since no one can tell the future, it is entirely impossible to tell if and when this part of active monitoring will ever be useful to you.

When your company begins the process of looking for a data backup company to work with, it can be tempting to simply use a company that charges a little bit less to passively maintain the servers. However, ultimately this lack of functionality can come back to cause horrendous damage in the event that something unforeseen happens down the line. Setting up everything and properly restoring data are crucial to your business, but the day to day support and monitoring that you get with an actively monitored form of data backup are also crucial functions that should not be ignored. Ultimately, the use of your data may end up hinging on any of the most major and often overlooked functions of an actively monitored data backup plan.

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