The question isn’t whether you’re valuable. That you are is a given. You have to be or do nothing more than exist. You’re a Creation – irreplaceable.

The more meaningful question is, “Do I accept that I AM valuable?”

Many people keep trying to claim this into their heart by searching for evidence from comparisons of appearance, wealth, status, material possessions, abilities, connections, or accomplishments. They test their worth according to the journey of others.

But this only leads to pain because no two creations are alike. Still, there is some expectation they have of themselves, some fabricated sense of self, that they’re trying to meet that, if satisfied, will bring an end to all inner doubt. Some proving of their worth that will outweigh their fear – the one that idles in the mind on “repeat”. The program might be stuck on thoughts of being useless, dismissed, misunderstood or ineffective. And ideas of being too this or that are hazardous: too different, too kind, too sensitive, too trusting, etc. All these ego self-judgments only bolster darker spaces.

Exposing yourself to the world of negative forces through such self-misperceptions plays right into their enslavement game and their collection of negative emotional energy. They enjoy feeding off of this. When gathered from extreme pain and fragmentation it’s called loosh. Remember, all low vibrational thought-forms, including suicidal thoughts, are mind-controlling attempts to control the soul.

Collectively, we have been conditioned by damaging addiction software housed in the nervous system and brain, which devalues human creation. Creation code has been reversed. Throughout history, the nurture has been slowly siphoned from our nature. The soul’s expression has been questioned, dismissed, ridiculed and disallowed so that conformity replaces ingenuity. Our Light has been dimmed. Loss, betrayal, hurt, misfortune, and a tireless quest to feel loved can overwhelm our resilience. For many, false realities are confirmed over and over again in countless ways, on countless days. The evidence can bear out to one great fear – “I really don’t matter and nobody cares.”

Our collective shadow is now pressing up and out. And artificial intelligence broadcasts are now heavily targeting the negative ego of the 3 lower chakras to trigger trauma and create pain, through a myriad of technologies, ranging from the electronic devices that we use daily, to advanced forms such as implants, chemtrails, and transhumanist “enhancements”. In addition, the media is pushing the suicide agenda. Don’t claim this as yours. Suicide is an anti-human, anti-life agenda purposed to weaken the human race. The language “I want to die” has found its way into our thinking, and sadly, is common among children. When you value yourself you don’t think about suicide. Instead, you whole-heartedly declare that nobody, nor anything, can take your God-given powerful, inner Light. We need to teach this to our children. Staying heart-centred and aligning with compassion, empathy and self-love contribute greatly to deactivating artificial intelligence, and anchoring a higher frequency of thoughts and emotions.

If you don’t value yourself who will? Reflect on this and honestly ask yourself, “How do I diminish my own light by downplaying my capability, my wisdom, my creativity, my gifts, and all that expresses through my one-of-a-kind vessel of God?” “Do I appreciate all that I AM?”

You can never be like anyone else. You’re not supposed to be. Thank God for that! You can’t hold back your love and light. When you value yourself, our whole world benefits.

Author's Bio: 

Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR) discovered her innate gift of discerning consciousness patterns through her own challenging spiritual awakening, and counseling individuals since 2000 as an intuitive energy psychotherapist and 12-dimensional holographic healing facilitator. She's a master at unravelling any confusion in your concerns, even the really stubborn patterns that have stopped you from living with authentic power and loving yourself, perhaps across multiple lifetimes. She gets right to the core of your issue with gentle, compassionate higher guidance. When she's not helping individuals, couples, children or animals, she continues to dedicate herself to humanity's liberation through the sacred, balanced embodiment of the Divine feminine and masculine within. Her website offers over 100 educational and inspiring articles, free tools, and healing chants, so that we can all wake up one day to be in awe of the peace everywhere!