Cigarette had it's days when it served as a viable option for smokers, but now it's the modern age, and welcome to the era of the mighty vaporizers. Undoubtedly, vaporizers are enjoyable, but there are numerous other factors which makes it a better choice than cigarettes on any day. Looking to make a switch from the old cigs to the new era e-cig? Follow the post below and pick what harms you they least and gives you immense pleasure.

Smells fabulous

You cannot deny the fact that vaporizers smell amazing. The various flavours used for an extraordinary vaping experience have a different fragrance and taste which makes it a better option. Also, you would thank vaping for bringing back your great sense of taste which was lost somewhere because of constant tobacco use through cigarettes.

Dense smoke

Have you ever seen a person vape and noticed the density of the smoke? Isn't it quite intriguing? Such compelling characteristics intrigues many people to make a switch from cigs to e-cigs, and the number keeps increasing every year. Vaping is the perfect substitute for people who enjoy hookah, as well as the smoke, never fails to impress if done right.

Saves money

Many think otherwise, but in reality, vaping is quite cost-effective in comparison to cigarettes. The gradient of diminishing monthly cost after replacing cigs with e-cigs will leave you stunned. Also, with vapes, you won't have to worry about your lungs rotting and doctor’s appointments every month which is additional savings.

Socially acceptable

Want to know why vape stores in Sydney have become so crowded over the past few years? One of the significant reasons is vapes’ social acceptability. Yes, social acceptability? Would you prefer sitting next to a person smoking or a person vaping? That's right! Since vape smells fantastic, it ensures that you do not smell bad which would drive people away from you. Since people are bonding over vaping these days, it's a win-win situation for you in all cases.


Carrying a vape is much more convenient than carrying a pack of cigarettes. You need an ashtray handy, stay alert towards the burning end of the cig and protect your hands from burn marks as well which is nothing less than a great hassle. Also, you have to carry a lighter around and even step out of office or meetings to buy cig packs which don’t seem convenient at all. Carrying a single e-cig is easier than a cig pack and ashtray.

Better health alternative

As soon as you start vaping and bid farewell to a cigarette, you will notice your health improving. Soon your body will be free of intoxicating elements, and you will feel fresh and light all day long. Your body will be in better condition, and you will be motivated to make excellent health choices. Whiter teeth, smell-free hair, stain-free hands and energy are some of the gravitating reasons which make vaping a great health alternative.

Great variety of options

You have over 40 flavours of vape juice in Sydney to choose from for a premium vaping experience. Flavour customisation is also available with some companies which are a privilege not available for non-vapers. Also, if you are vaping to quit smoking and reduce the nicotine intake, e-liquids can be purchased with different nicotine quantities for a soothing vaping session every day.

Vaping has gained a firm hold over the market lately because of its amazing benefits for people willing to quit or switch at such affordable prices and convenience. Our suggestion? Give vaping a shot before making the final call, and you would know exactly what (vaping, for sure) to choose!

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