Vaporizers are a great way to help stop smoking. The vaporizers of today are very advanced and have a lot of benefits for the user. According to a study done in 2009, inhaling vapor from a vaporizer increases overall life expectancy by a few weeks. If you want to quit smoking, you should consider trying one of these.

Portable vaporizers are the most used vaping device and is now becoming very popular. The increase in sales has pushed electronic cigarette manufactures to create more comprehensive devices. An example is the IOLITE e-cigarette, which is available in different models, each better than the last. Most vape manufacturers are making there device increasingly more tech savvy and safer for the consumer.

Plus, these machines are improving in almost every way possible.

With all that being said, iStick by Green Cloud Technology Inc. is still considered the best and safest handheld vape.

The company states their main reasons why their product is the best vape is because of its mind blowing level of safety, that's right, iStick technology is an FDA compliant product that prevents carcinogens like formaldehyde, diacetyl, and acetyl propionyl from being present in products. On an individual level, we often want to "check the wattage" of a particular portable vaporizer. Is the wattage at the end of the mouthpiece a low enough wattage to reach the proper level of vapor. Or is it too high creating problems. Being to high can facilitate the creation of harmful chemicals.

The popularity of vaping has recently thrust into the spot light with some deaths of users due to an additive in them. Vitamin E acetate is to be the suspected culprit for these problems. Vitamin E acetate, an oily chemical added to some THC vaping liquids to thicken or dilute them.

With regards to studies on high strength vaping, the Department of Health in England has said it is "committed to ensuring e-cigarettes are regulated as seriously as conventional cigarettes".

A press statement issued by the Department of Health there said: "What is important, is for the evidence of any new findings to be clearly communicated for the health of consumers and is dealt with quickly and effectively”.

But overall vaping is a safe and effective way to get your dose of nicotine or THC. Remember though, vaping as a result of addiction is different than smoking; it is 100% dependent on the person who is using it and isn't comparable to smoking and other forms of tobacco. The long term results of vaping are still being studied and results are a year or or more away.

For those who are an users of cannabis this isn't something that can help them stop. This is a healthier alternative to getting the THC or CBD into their body, but as stated before the long term heath implications are unknown at this time. If you were to vape THC it is recommended that you use uncut pure THC oil or CBD oil. The problem is there is only a handful of vape pens with the 510 thread batteries that can take uncut oil and vape it properly.

What ever you choose to get your nicotine, THC or CBD vaping is a healthier alternative.

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Tim is a writer specializing in the cannabis industry.