Vaping is a great way for people to break their habits and stop smoking, it is a lot healthier for you and vape juice is a lot more inexpensive than tobacco or cigarettes are. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular amongst the younger crowd

There is an ever-increasing development of knowledge in regards to the dangers of smoking cigarettes, this has had a knock-on effect as people that would potentially have started smoking are now turning to vapes instead. When looking at the variety of the vape NZ has to offer it is important to consider exactly what type is best matched to you.

  1. Flavours

There is a whole variety of different flavours of vape juice that you can buy, from sweet ones to savoury ones there really is a bit of something for everybody.

If you are using vapes to give up cigarette smoking then it is important to note that some vape juice contains nicotine and you can buy these in different strengths in order to wean yourself down and eventually off nicotine altogether. Nicotine is the addictive part of the chemicals within cigarettes and so is included in some vape juices so that people can cut out the harsh chemicals of cigarettes but still get that “hit” that people get when they are smoking.

  1. Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to smoking a vape, and finding a vape NZ has to offer is a much better solution than going to the corner shop and buying a pack of cigarettes. Vaping is a great way to still have the option of keeping your hands busy as many smokers say this is the part that they miss about smoking the most when they give up.

Vapes are a lot cheaper to run than smoking cigarettes is as they need refilling only a few times a week and vape juice is so much cheaper than a packet of cigarettes.

Vaping is also allowed on some hospital sites and outdoor spaces of buildings whereas smokers aren’t, gradually smoking is becoming a less and less sociable activity as it is being banned in more public places as time goes on.

  1. Health

It has been proven that cigarettes are very dangerous for your health as they contain tar and other chemicals which are very bad for the body. There is being more and more awareness raised in regards to the dangers of smoke and the connections between smoking and health conditions such as cancer or other serious illnesses.

People that want to quit smoking often want to do so because they have realised just how bad smoking is for the body. By changing to vaping instead of smoking you are immediately lowering the risks to you of having these illnesses and over time you can completely reverse the effects that smoking has had on your body.

Smoking has been long known to be bad for the body however with vaping appearing as an alternative more and more people are incentivised to quit and switch to vaping instead.

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This Article Penned By Lora Davis