First of all, carrying a child is free with best baby carrier, and in our individualistic, community less society, where parents are mostly alone at home with their children without anybody to support them, pottering can be a help precious. Parents can be confident in their ability to care for their child with best baby carrier while ensuring day-to-day living cooking, cleaning, playing with the elderly, gardening, and shopping in the store, leisure activities, etc., especially if you quickly wear your backpack. This helps to reduce the sources of stress for everyone. Best baby carrier is a wins solution for managing everyday life with one or more children.

Some parents even wear their baby while working. Kindergarten assistants, child care assistants, nurses, midwives, etc. can also carry out their work.

The portage is all terrain paved alleys, sidewalks, narrow passages, stairs, walking paths, sand and pebble beaches, snow, crowd, public transport. Wearing a child is ideal for walking and moving with ease! Some parents even go completely out of a stroller in this case; the portage even offers an economic and ecological dimension very interesting.

Best baby carrier is good for the baby because it brings many benefits in its physical maturation and overall development. Our babies are naturally programmed to be worn.

It is also a lot of fun: having your baby huddled against you is a very pleasant feeling, both for him and for the wearer. Many mothers say they regain the sensations of pregnancy and the dads can taste this sweet proximity.

The benefits of best baby carriers

• Natural continuity with pregnancy (notion of continuum).

• Allows the newborn to adapt smoothly to its new environment, promotes the stability of its vital functions and its temperature.

• Promotes maturation of the baby at term, such as preterm babies’ notion of external gestation following an immaturity at birth that has increased during the evolution of our species, so that the increasingly large head of babies can still pass the increasingly narrow pool of mothers.

• Allows a skin with discreet skin, the rest of the mother (whether she carries or the father).

• Promotes attachment between mother and child, as well as breastfeeding.

• Facilitates the digestion and evacuation of air in the digestive system, reduces the problems of reflux.

Relaxation and well-being, sense of security, confidence (less stress and less crying, less colic).

Benefits best baby carriersduring the development of the child

• Stimulation of muscle tone.

• Good development of the hips and the spine.

• Stimulation of the vestibular system (orientation with respect to the vertical and balance).

• Gentle stimulation of the entire sensory system.

• Discovering the environment, the world and social relations with a sense of security

• Stimulation of curiosity, observation and imitation.

• Integration of the facilitated baby into the family and participation in everyday life.

• Development of confidence and self-esteem.

Benefits best baby carriers for the parents

• Feeling of competence with their baby.

• The parent, though physically connected to his child, is less mentally centered and more

• Easily integrated into his daily activities: they are together, but each is autonomous.

• Freedom of movement and action.

• Free arms for everyday and family life, even for work (traders, farmers, work at home, ...).

• Pleasure, well-being, proximity, relaxation.

If you are interested in child health, keeping in your arms helps regulate temperature and heart rate. Overall, baby cries much less and is calm. In any case, best baby carrier is both comfortable and safe.

For the parents, the use of the best baby carrier makes it possible to have the hands free, to carry out various activities: to do the cleaning, the races and the meal. Parents and baby take advantage of moment of intimacy irreplaceable. For their part, moms can give the breast very discreetly out of the house. To emphasize that we now find best baby carrier models specially designed to relieve the back while providing an optimal position to the baby.

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