Nothing can match the satisfaction & pleasure of getting a good job in the corporate world that has prestige, remuneration, and perks. It can take any career aspirant on the top of the world and make her/him feel divine happiness. But in this competitive job market, the sad plight is getting such a job is a big challenge.

A lot can change if a career aspirant chooses to learn a foreign language like Romanian. The Balkan Romance language has 24–26 million speakers worldwide with majority hailing from Romania and Moldova. Unlike French or Spanish, it may not be that popular but it can make things happen by opening up exciting job options. Those who are certified and have pursued a Romanian Language Course in Kolkata can benefit the most in the job market.

Job options for Romanian learners & career aspirants

There’s no denying of the fact that job opportunities and career prospects are the most sought-after reason most people are interested to Romanian language. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Language corporate trainer

If someone has the flair & keenness to teach Romanian language, working as a language corporate trainer is a wonderful option. It’s because there is a huge demand for the corporate language trainers and presently, tons of business firms with international reputation look to recruit trainers who can impart Romanian language skills to the staff and make them skilled in the language.

Those employees working in the customer service department and employed as customer care representatives or voice associates or agents get the training. They are taught to speak to the clients smartly & confidently over phones, pitch them products & services, resolve their doubts & queries and conduct surveys.

Linguist Blogger

Those who want to put their writing skills in Romanian into test, can choose to become freelancer linguist blogger. The biggest advantage of working as a freelance blogger is that it will facilitate candidates to relocate freely and work anywhere, anytime, and how they want.

A Romanian language blogger can boost the sale of plenty of products or services by writing, or earning money by means of advertisements and affiliate marketing. Many successful Romanian linguist bloggers have plenty of experiences with deep knowledge in the language with impeccable writing skills. Most of them have pursued a Romanian Language Course in Kolkata to acquire profound knowledge in the grammar & vocabulary to evolve into a smart blogger with great writing skills.

Brand specialist

Brand specialists work in MNCs like Google, Amazon, Apple, or Microsoft and their main job revolves around linking and interconnecting in foreign markets to help clients and customers in the firm. A brand specialist is a part of the management who works within a marketing team. They enhance the quality & distribution of company's goods or services with logos and colors being consistent, focused advertising spaces, event sponsorships, and other approaches.

Flight attendant

A person’s ability to speak Romanian fluently can help her bag the job of a flight attendant which is a part of customer service in aviation industry. Providing customary services and reacting to emergencies to guarantee airline travelers’ safety are some of the major tasks performed by a flight attendant.

Hotel manager

The hospitality industry is massive and never fails to recognize the competencies of bilinguals. If a candidate is adept in Romanian language, she/he can easily become eligible for the job of a hotel manager and grab it.

Many firms and organizations in the hospitality, leisure, travel, and tourism sectors are dynamically searching for expert Romanian learners. The 5-star hotels, resorts, and suites especially hire candidates with excellent communication skills in Romanian language providing customized accommodation services to the customers that reflect the goodwill of the company.

As companies become global, the barriers of language are annihilated. Undertaking a Romanian language course in Kolkata can surely pave the way for endless possibilities & a world of exciting opportunities for aspirants to explore in the cut-throat job market.

Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope is a leading freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article on Romanian language course in Kolkata, he worked as a foreign language specialist and researcher in a reputed university.