As with anything in life when you are considering consumption it is a good idea to do this in a moderate way as over consumption of anything can lead to problems occurring. It can be tempting to drink more oolong tea as it makes you feel better but this is usually why problems occur in the first place and so you need to be careful when it comes to matters of consumption.

Many of the issues that people experience are due to the fact that it has caffeine a well known and widely used stimulant that can have negative consequences if over consumed which you may react to. Caffeine can set your pulse racing and help you mind to focus but there can be difficulties experienced when you have a lot of it.

Having increased amounts may cause you to be irritable and will noticeably impact your sleep. Having sleep difficulties will lead to feeling overly fatigued both physically and mentally and this will even cause you psychological distress. Performing basic every day tasks will be more of a challenge for you and it will be harder for to be able to exercise thereby counteracting the positive effects that oolong tea can have.

There can also be a slight risk of kidney damage and this is more likely if you have consumed over the recommended amounts. People often think that you can never get too much of a good thing and drink too much hoping to get added benefits but sadly it does not work that way.

On the other hand this is the very thing that will make you more active and willing to engage in more physically activity which helps you when you are trying to manage your weight and lose body fat.

If issues like this happen to you then it is advisable for you to reduce the amount of oolong which you consume to avoid long term damage. Most of the time if you drink responsibly, you will benefit from oolong tea and it will help you to reach some of the weight loss goals you have set along with other methods.

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