Concertina wires are primarily made from barbed wires. At a very basic level these are used in fences in military camps as a sort of an obstacle. It can be said that they are a common feature of military bases all around the world. It helps that these packs are rather simple and as opposed to most other types of spiked metal are far better as obstruction as well. It needs to be mentioned in this context that these wires have been used for a quite long period of time now. When you buy these products it is best to buy them from the top Concertina Wire Manufacturer in your vicinity.

It also helps that it is quite easy to set them up. You can easily create hindrance with these wires over here. In fact, apart from armed forces applications these fences are used by horticulturalists as well. Concertina wires are made by using tensile claps – these claps happen to be highly galvanized. At times they are made from stainless steel as well. You would already know by now the areas where these products are applied and they look quite pretty in a way as well. These wires are created in such a way that you cannot climb them. This is in fact one major reason why these wires are used so extensively for security related purposes.

They are normally available in two main variations – single coils and spiral coils. The concertina wires can also be customized with respect to the types of blades that adorn its surface. You can be sure that the best makers of such products would make them just as you would want them to be.

What are the areas where they are applied?

As has been said already, owing to the ways in which they are created concertina wires are used for security reasons. They can be used in order to isolate residences, military sites, gardens, and any and every other area that needs the highest amount of security as such.

The different types of concertina wires

Concertina wires come in five major types that may be enumerated as below:

single coil razor wires

electrified wires

large coil crossed concertina wire

razor wire barriers

Single coil razor wires are basically ones that happen to be strip processed. They also have galvanized steel plates. Such wires are normally extended in a way that they are able to offer an obstacle for the time being.

With these wires you normally do not require any clip for the purpose of holding them at one place. This is because these wires are not really meant to be used for permanent purposes. The large coiled and crossed concertina wires are made of spirals. Here the razor gets clipped together so that the fencing can be able to provide better security. They are supposed to be far better in this respect as opposed to the single coil ones. The y post supported wire fences are normally placed on top of fencing posts.

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