Mostly, businessowners think of bank loans and finances when they are short of cash or capital to expand or grow their business. However, this is not the case always, as there are multiple other options for the businessowners to opt from for the expansion of their business. These business loans are designed in a manner that they fulfil the specific needs of businesses in different ways. To name a few, they can be bank term loans, equipment loans, SAB microloans, business credit cards, and others. Let’s know more about the different types of loans that businesses can avail.

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For established businesses

In order to build credit, earn profit and generate revenue, often established businesses seek loans. These are generally applied to expand business. There are mainly two types, namely bank term loans and bank lines of credit. Bank term loans are for those who do not have a great credit but require funding. Those who are looking for the great credit card and looking for the cash cushion, this is the best choice to go with. These are generally for covering short or seasonal cashflow.

Government business loans

If you want, you can also apply for government small business administration (SBA) loans as well. Most of these loans intend at encouraging people to establish their own business, so that they can generate income and create employment in the country. Whether you are looking for equipment purchase or real estate businesses, these government loans can be of great financial help.

In case of quick cash needs

Often, this is the case with small businesses, as they are usually short of cash. They need fast access to capital to meet their unexpected emergencies or to maintain capital or cash flow in the company. The quick business loans are short-term loans, merchant cash advances, and business credit cards.

1. Short terms loans are good for the businessowners with average credit and those who require financing for maintaining cash flow gaps, investing in supplies and inventory and to meet other such business needs.

2. Merchant cash advances are best for the ones who do not qualify for the rest of the business loan types. However, this is known as an expensive loan type, but it works in case you are short of cash.

3. Business credit cards are for those who are looking for the convenient and fast options of making purchase. This is the most affordable way of borrowing money in case you need to pay instantly.

Online business loans

If you are looking for online business loans, then you have two most important options in front of you, that is online term loans and online lines of credit.

1. An online term loan is like that of a bank term loan. Here you get a fixed sum and pay back the amount every month for a certain period. These are of shorter terms comparatively, as most online loan terms do not go far more than five years of period.

2. On the other hand, if your credit is average, then you can go for the online lines of credit in case of unexpected emergencies. There is a fixed capital amount that you can draw on a regular basis. Many online lenders provide revolving credit lines.

Summing up

Thus, these are a few business loans that will help in expanding your business. Besides these, there are also business loans for new or start up businesses keeping in mind their sector and requirements. However, ultimately, your business needs play an important role in deciding the right type of business loan for you. Be ready with your documents and plans. Never forget to compare the options available before you come to a final decision.


Choosing the right type of business loan for your company’s needs can be the difference between success or failure. Now, you have all the information of the various types of business loans. Choose the best for your business.

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