With the many advanced liposuction techniques available today, removing unwanted fat from the body is easier than before. The next dimension in body contouring, the new VASER 2.0 Lipo system is used in many plastic surgery practices around the country. VASER liposuction is definitely worth a try for people looking for an improved body contour.

As it is new to the field, many people doubt whether the system ensures the desired results. What makes the new VASER Lipo system unique? Is it effective for different body areas? Read on to get an idea of how VASER liposuction surgery could transform you.

How VASER liposuction Surgery Can Change Your Appearance

It is a fact that the VASER lipo technology offers some clear benefits to patients, when compared to traditional lipo methods. Utilizing ultrasound energy, the VASER liposuction system liquefies the targeted fat deposits, all the while keeping the surrounding tissues in tact. This makes the process safe and less painful. Thus by removing excess fat and tightening the loose skin, it helps patients look better and feel their best.

VASER can be used all over the body and facilitates small scale as well as large volume sculpting. The choice of probes, diameters, and groove patterns makes it possible to get rid of both small and large volumes of fat. Whether it is to sculpt a six pack or to enhance the contours of your calf muscles, VASER ultrasonic system is an ideal option.

Effective for a Number of Areas

This procedure can be used to treat virtually any area of your body where there is excess fat including

• Abdomen
• Buttocks
• Breasts
• Love handles
• Thighs
• Upper arms
• Chin, and more

What Distinguishes the VASER System

• Ultrasonic energy is used to efficiently separate fat from connective tissues
• Fat is removed keeping surrounding tissues in tact
• Maintains fat cell viability
• Minimally invasive treatment
• Wide awake procedure
• Facilitates small scale as well as large volume sculpting
• Effective skin tightening
• Minimal pain, bruising and swelling

The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, severe complications and risks are rare. Patients recover fast and can resume normal activities and work within minimum time.

VASER liposuction surgery, when performed along with a tummy tuck or body lift can ensure far better results. It is a great way to get your dream body. Yet, to get successful results, it is also important to choose an experienced surgeon. Your new, improved body contour should be long lasting, provided you follow prescribed exercise and a healthy diet.

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