In Indian Hindu households, the Pooja Ghar or the space of shrine is an important aspect. All Hindu households contain an area, usually in the northeastern corner of the house which is meant for meditation and spiritual wellbeing, that holds Brass Idols of Hindu Gods for daily worship.

The Pooja room is a sacred space and needs to be a place that oozes out a positive aura that can help you get into the zone for meditation and chanting. Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture that was mentioned to us in the Ayurveda. According to VastuShashtra, your Pooja rooms must be capable of harnessing the positive energies and flushing out the negative vibes.

Designing a Pooja Ghar can be left to personal preference, but according to Hinduism, there are a few protocols or Vastu tips that will make your process of setting up a shrine easier. Let’s learn these Vastu tips now.

The direction of the Pooja Ghar
While defining the place for your shrine in your house, you must take into account the directions according to Vastu. The best spot for a Pooja Ghar is the northeastern corner of your home, which is an ideal direction. This spot is also known as the Ishan corner, which is an excellent space for meditation.

Design of the Shrine
Ideally, your shrine should have a low ceiling. Some believers of Hinduism like to keep the roof in the shape of a pyramid. The pyramid shape or gopura-like top helps in attracting positive energies. While planning a house, you must always keep in mind that you will need space for a Pooja Ghar that will continuously be prevailing with positive energy flows. There are other things to remember while setting up your shrine. You need to make sure the area of the Pooja Ghar receives constant sunlight and fresh air. It is disrespectful to keep idols in the darkness. It is also believed that with light, positive energies flow cohesively.

Idol Placement
While deciding the positioning for your Brass Idols for the shrine, you must make sure that you are placing the idols one inch away from the walls on all sides. These idols must be kept away from the walls at all times. You must not have portraits or pictures depicting violence in the Pooja room as it creates disrespect for the Gods.

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Follow Rituals
Once you’ve set up a shrine with all your idols, you need to invoke their spirits by chanting prayers or mantras. Once the gods have moved into your house, you need to take care of them by worshipping them daily, offering them their favourite food and remembering how to respect the symbolism of these idols.