With all the topics and mayhem about changes and surprise happenings lately, you may be able to find a little support and comfort as dear Venus (desires, values, love, money) shifts into Capricorn for the next four weeks (hurrah for my Venus return!). During her recent visit in truth seeking Sagittarius, we ‘desired’ brutal honesty and freedom of space – which may have caused a bit of frustration in our relationships. Now that the truth of our reality has been delivered, we make a decision to build something stronger from it, using the powerful cardinal energy of Capricorn. Our relationships, money, and values move from being a ‘good time charlie’ in Sagittarius, and into a more serious ‘Donald Trump’ mode to build a great world and reputation for ourselves. We want chivalry in the promises that are made, and we desire a relationship/friendship/business partner who is genuine, loyal and dedicated. We’re supportive and willing to work hard for what we desire, but we need to realistic about our investments, if we expect a good return. Home, family, and business are priority. New additions and decorating the house may be a calling. Artistic ventures increase finances and value. Money can improve generously, if we push beyond our limitations. Venus in earthy Capricorn loves to work, build, and share in both love and in business. We’re grounded and know what we want, a trustworthy friendship, an honorable spouse, a solid partnership, who is just as ambitious, reliable and committed as we are. Values return to traditional integrity, which is a favorable time to profess and prove our love and commitment. On the flip side, if we lose faith in our investments (money, love, family, friendships, business partnerships), time, energy and trust with be withdrawn, and returned back to it’s original owner. It reminds me of a Sting tune: ‘If I ever lose my faith in you’.

With my own Venus in Capricorn, honor exists in one’s word (or handshake) that professes truth, loyalty, and dedication. You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. Unfortunately, as long as ignorance exists in the world, there will always be a special trusted person who chooses to lie, manipulate, and cheat, rather than do the right thing by simply being responsible. For those of you who I know are having a tough time, I am sharing this quote again, because it got me through tough times, which tells it like it is. ’He who purposely cheats his friend, would cheat his God. ~Johann Kaspar Lavater’. Simple and to the point.

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Suzi Dronzek, Cosmic Divine, enjoys creative writing and sharing the weather forecast of the cosmos. She also and provides personalized readings with guidance as an Intuitive Consultant. Details available at: www.starcana.com