As much as the average fashionista likes to show off her own style, follow the latest trends and imitate her favorite celebrities, dressing to the nines for lunch with friends is not what it used to be. The casual day is the seems to be the constant norm. More and more women have stopped wearing skinny jeans and stilettos and have opted for more comfortable clothing options. But some where people wonder, "What is home clothing?"

Often the association with loungewear has been pajamas, nightwear, yoga wear, or the typical Juicy tracksuit. But it has become much more. People take their street clothes to the street. Whether on vacation, poolside, out and about running daily errands, or even in town. This whole notion of wearing loungewear alone at home or in a spa setting is a thing of the past.

You can still ask, "What exactly you home wear?" loungewear trends UK is clothing that is used to be comfortable, whether to rest or not. Living room clothes can be trendy or sloppy. However, I prefer the fashionable type.

As an emerging loungewear designer, I have to admit that even my thinking about the loungewear category has evolved. Perhaps it was my transplant from Dallas to Los Angeles that led me to truly embrace the depths of the loungewear category. The sunny weather, basically all year round, makes it easy to get your clothes on and out. The laid-back, laid-back lifestyle of Southern California makes choosing loungewear every day a no-brainer. But it is much more than that. Women are freer and less tied to traditional clothing patterns that cause them discomfort in more ways than physical. That's a trend that extends beyondCalifornia.

Today, women want to be modern, trendy and current without sacrificing comfort. We want clothing that serves more than a limited purpose. And in this economy, when you put that credit card on the counter for something, you want to know that you will get more use out of that clothing purchase than one night out of the season. It's all about having basic dividers that can work together throughout your wardrobe. More and more brands are presenting their own loungewear lines, which shows that this category is expanding.

When choosing loungewear, practicality should be taken into account. It's about wearing your outfits from one moment of the day to the next. Choose clothing that allows you to wear a piece overnight. In the morning, I can get up, put on my comfy super lounge dress with some flip flops, and take my Westie out for her morning walk. From there, I'm dressed and ready to work in my home office, rush out to see my contractors, or make lunch appointments. Later, after the temperature drops, I can easily put on my riding boots, add a thick belt, and head out to an early dinner with friends. This is really the only way to work a closet these days. Versatility is key.

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