When at home, we need to feel safe. This is easier to do when we manage to meditate but creating a home meditation space is not as easy as it seems. You need a space that is dedicated for meditation but how exactly do you do that? You cannot simply use some space saving furniture and burn some incense. If you want to make your home a better meditation space, check out the following really simple tips to get it done.

Carefully Pick The Space

You want to take some time to pick a space in your home where you feel really good. The area has to be calm and serene. Also, it should be away from trafficked areas. Remember that meditation is personal. While it can be done anywhere, your meditation space, the one that you build in your home has to be truly perfect for you.

Removal All Clutter And Keep Your Room Clean

If there is clutter around you, there is a very good possibility that your mind will end up being cluttered. With this in mind, you need to minimize absolutely all distractions. Every single time you open your eyes, they need to fall on clean surfaces. You should not end up seeing a phone, a computer, a newspaper, or practically anything else.

Make Everything Comfortable

Most people believe that meditation means you stay in very uncomfortable positions until you end up feeling ok. This is incorrect. You can so easily meditate in your bed or in a very comfortable chair. In fact, meditation is all about being as comfortable as possible.

When you decide to sit on the floor, use a blanket or a cushion so your hips are propped up higher than the knees. This removes pressure from the knees and is very effective at opening hips. When you decide to meditate on a chair, it is mandatory that there is proper cushion or backrest present.

Don’t Forget About Lighting

When you want to meditate, the ideal scenario is doing it in an area that has natural light. However, this does not mean that you should not take into account your personal preferences. You can utilize sheer curtains in order to filter and/or soften light. When the space is very dark or you choose to meditate during the night, candles or dimmer switches can be very useful in creating an appropriate environment.

Bring In Nature

Numerous studies showed that nature is very healing and soothing. Because of this, you need to bring some sort of element of nature inside the meditation space. Preferably, add something that can embody all 4 elements, water, fire, air, and earth. This creates a wonderful universal balance but it is not always possible. You can always choose something very simple, like cut flowers inside a vase or a plant.

Don’t Forget About Scent

Use fragrances to help you meditate. You can easily find incense sticks, essential oils, or candles. Smell is a very powerful sense. It will help you to get into a deeper meditation and will help you to create a truly multisensory experience.

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