If you're one of those people who spend countless hours working behind a desk, chances are you've probably dealt with shoulder pain, as well as with back pain and/or neck pain. In fact, many medical researches suggest that there are several potential health detriments when sitting on standard / traditional desks all day, , as those don’t really offer you the option of adjusting the height that you have your desk at. Problems like chronic back pain, as well as chronic neck and chronic shoulder pain for example, are all common problems that are directly related with maintaining a stationary position while sitting at a desk for long periods of time. With that said, if you're looking to make some improvements within your office space and take it to the next level, consider getting a height adjustable desk like the Victor DC830B.

The Victor DC830B  is a height adjustable electric standing desk that's designed to offer users both sitting and standing flexibility with the simple push of a button.

With this height adjustable standing desk, you're able to conveniently sit or stand as you require to ultimately ensure you always have a healthy and ergonomic position while working.

Overall, this height adjustable electric standing desk allows you to have a healthier work environment, whether you're currently working from home or you're already working at the office.

Now, without further ado, let's have a more detailed look at it and check out everything that the Victor DC830B has to offer you.


Starting with the desk's size, the DC830B Height Adjustable Standing Desk measures exactly 36 inches long by 23.6 inches wide by 28.7 inches tall (when set to its lowest height) or 48.4 inches tall (when the desk is set at its maximum height). This adjustable standing desk is also quite stable, as the whole unit weighs exactly 60.3 lbs.

Overall, the desk features a modern, yet still minimalist design that can blend in really well with pretty much any office décor that you can think of.

The desk features a very solid construction, as it integrates a gray steel body (for its adjustable height electric steel legs) and a wooden desk top that portrays a gorgeous black finish. Additionally, under both of the desk's feet we also have a set of felt pad bottom covers that ensure you won't ever get drag marks while setting up (and potentially moving) the desk.

Thanks to its set of ultra-durable sturdy steel legs and its chipboard tabletop, you can also be sure that this desk can last you many years of use within any home or office space. It's also worth to mention that thanks to its solid construction, this height adjustable standing desk features a maximum weight limit of 110 lbs.
While the desk features a somewhat compact design, which allows it to be installed within pretty much any tight office space (no matter how small or large that office room really is), its 36 inches by 23.6 inches tabletop surface still offers you enough room to easily have a PC setup as well as any required essentials like one (or two) monitor(s), a keyboard, a mouse, and even a notepad on the side (if necessary).

Since the Victor DC830B is, as said, a height adjustable electric standing desk, users can adjust its height to use it either as a sitting desk or as standing desk while working at their office space.

That said, the desk's tabletop height range can be set between 28.7 to 48.4 inches tall, which should provide users of any height with a custom ergonomic height adjustment setting that easily fits their needs.

The desk's height adjustment system is powered by a smooth and whisper-quiet electric motor that can raise the desk's work surface at 0.6" per second, with a minimal operation noise of just under 50 dB, which ultimately, provides users with a fast, easy and quiet height adjustment system for their workspace with just the push of a button.

Lastly, located right under the desk's tabletop we can also find its Cable Management System, which users can use to keep their workspace nicely organized and clean from any visible cable mess. All that makes this height adjustable sitting and standing desk perfect for those working from home or in a small office.


Going back to the desk's height adjustment system, the Control Panel for the desk's height adjustment settings comes integrated at the bottom right side of the desk's tabletop.
To use it, users simply have to press and hold the Up-Arrow Button to have the desk's work surface raised to a standing position, or alternatively, to have its work surface lowered to a seated position, they simply have to press and hold the Down-Arrow Button.

Not only that, but this height adjustable desk also features an easy-to-use 4-Memory Setting Function that allows users to save up to 4 different height positions for the desk's height settings (for any desk heights between 28.7”- 48.4”), which they can then use those same saved height settings to quickly adjust the desk between four of their favorite height positions.

Lastly, to store a specific height, all that you have to do is to press and hold down any of the desk's four (x4) Numbered Buttons until the desk's buzzer goes off, for which its Control Panel will then displays a “S-1” visual effect, which means that that specific height has been saved successfully.


Coming packaged with just some minimal mounting parts, the desk's whole assembly process is very easy to follow, and as such, the whole setup / installation for the Victor DC830B shouldn't take you anymore than 10 minutes.

Basically, the desk's parts come nicely packaged in two separate boxes, for which one box contains the desk's sturdy steel legs and feet while its other shipped box will contain its wooden black tabletop and a few simple accessories.


The Victor DC830B is a height adjustable electric standing desk that's designed to offer users both sitting and standing flexibility with the simple push of a button.

Overall, this height adjustment standing desk can be a great addition for any office space, and that goes especially for those who have to sit countless hours working at a desk.

If you're interested in buying the Victor DC830B, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $599.99, now going for just $489.99 (sasves you $110), while also coming accompanied by a 3 Year Limited Warranty

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