Once you’re consciously aware of how you create your internal (mental/emotional) states and your resulting experience of life, you’ll be prepared and poised to be in charge of your life. You don’t have to go through your life on autopilot, sometimes feeling good and get the outcomes you want, and other times feeling bad and not getting your desired outcomes. So please be intentional and committed to these learnings, and to observing your mental patterns to see how you are using the characteristic of your Internal Map of Reality.

Resistance is normal. You will begin to aware of it as it rises up in you. You might feel it as anxiety or a tendency to procrastinate. Again, it is normal to resist the changes this new understanding can generate. Your mind/body system wants to maintain homeostasis. You’ve created a way of living, a way of thinking and behaviors that might have worked years ago when you were growing up, but now they are out dated and do not work well in your current life situation.

I don’t want you to be an example of Einstein’s definition of insanity, “doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result.”

It might feel a little weird, even surreal at times as you engage in these new patterns of thinking and behavior. This is a good thing. Allow it to be. Observe the feeling and thoughts. The ones that don’t serve you, allow them to drift away.

As you give yourself to this process and begin to live this out you will begin to see how you have gone about sabotaging yourself. You will begin to be aware of the beliefs that were hiding just beneath your conscious awareness.

The key is awareness. Intentional observation of your internal processes. Let this become a habit. See your creative process. Watch yourself as you create your experience of life minute by minute. It is virtually impossible to continue in unresourceful behavior with awareness. So watch what you do and how you do it. Become aware of what you are focusing on. What are you re-presenting in your mind visually, what auditor and kinesthetic re-presentation are you making? What do you believe about yourself, life, the world, people? How do you represent these beliefs in you mind? How does all this match up with what you experience in your life?

Til next time, blessings

Author's Bio: 

Charles Eduardos, "The Victory Mind Mapper" is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and an ordained minister with 35 years of experience in pastoral and evangelistic ministry. He is Pastor at Our Savior's Rocky River Lutheran Church, and also serves as Coaching Coordinator for the Northeastern Ohio Synod. He is an experienced Corporate Coach, trainer/facilitator Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner who has worked with organizations (profit and non- profit) to support them in identifying and tackling their challenges. Charles is an attentive listener, who gives a different perspective to perceived barriers.