Security has been a sensitive subject that has been around for centuries. From protecting your homes and your property to protecting your life, nothing should be overlooked. Our security as a society is challenged daily when certain individuals try to take things that don’t belong to them, so that they can make a profit from it. Domestic burglaries (where items are stolen from a residential premises) are a prime example of this, and in some cases where a victim is present at the wrong time, has turned out to be fatal!

So what measures can be put in place to protect ourselves, our families and our homes?

There are a range of different precautions you can put in place to ensure your home is secure, we will go through some of the most obvious measures, and hopefully re-educate you on what else you can do to tighten your home security.

One of the most simplest and inexpensive deterrents you can put in place, is to join your local Neighbourhood Watch. This is a concept that has been around for a fair few decades, and although it might be underrated it has actually been rather successful. For those who aren’t aware of the concept, like it sounds, this is when you community of neighbours come together collectively to reduce local crime, and make your neighbourhood a safer place to live. In fact in recent studies in the UK it was found that in 79% of situations, Neighbourhood Watch was more effective when it came to reducing crime in the local areas, versus areas that didn’t have a Neighbourhood Watch in place. This is purely a case of “two heads are better than one”, but on a serious note it does help control the amount of domestic burglaries occurring every year.

Another option is to install a home security system. If you have ever been on your own in a house before you will know that the property will always make sounds you’re not expecting to hear. In some occasions this has led to severe anxiety in individuals that have been scared half to death, because they believe that someone else might be in the house. By installing a house hold security system you can alarm every window and door so that when it opens, a signal will be sent to the central security system and you will be alerted with a noise. This is really beneficial for a range of different people; those who live alone, those who might have disabilities, those who have families with small children. Whilst this benefits those inside the house, on the flip side of things if no ones home when the intruder enters, the alarm will be triggered and in a matter of seconds the whole neighbourhood will be alert with sirens blasting outside the property. Both these scenarios should deter intruders from breaking into the premises.

Another precaution to consider is wireless door intercom systems, something many individuals will be familiar with if they live in a block of flats. The safety benefit here is that you can speak to people who are trying to gain access to the property. The only issue here is what if someone said they were someone there weren’t? For example someone could say they were from “British Gas” and they needed to come up and read your gas metre. However what you didn’t know is this was a ploy just to get into the property, and in fact could be life threatening for you.

To overcome this problem you could go one step further and install a video intercom door system. Like the generic door intercom the person trying to enter the premises can contact you directly to gain entry. Although in this instance you can actually see who is trying to gain access via a small video screen. This is a far safer option to make sure you are 100% sure who it is your letting into the property. Although a video intercom system my sound pretty costly it’s highly worth installing to safeguard your property and also yourself.

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There are a variety of suppliers around the UK and London regions that retail these systems at affordable prices. Remember when it comes to personal safety you can never be “too” careful, because the one day something goes wrong there might not be any coming back from it.