The use of video marketing on the Internet is still in its infancy but experiencing rapid growth.

The effectiveness of video comes from the fact that the human brain is wired for visual stimulation and is most attracted to visual movement (think TV or YouTube). As email marketing or indeed most forms of marketing have been enveloped into social media strategy, there are numerous benefits to incorporating video marketing into your email marketing, social media, viral marketing and not to forget your website.When looking for the best way at video marketing, too many marketers just upload their videos to YouTube and cross their fingers, hoping viewers like the content enough to forward on to their friends.

While the practice of posting to YouTube etc certainly has benefits it is far from effective, leaving your video marketing campaigns much more likely to flounder, leaving you wondering was it worth the effort and expense!!
Creative marketers are weaving video into email, website and social media platforms because they can take advantage of the tools that are built into these platforms. For example, many people are already accustomed to sharing links with their friends, so send them a video email or video landing page where they post comments, share,talk about what they have watched. It is a much more engaging experience for the audience than watching a video on YouTube.

Have you ever noticed that you remember a face but not a name? That’s because we are visual learners. The best way to absorb information is via a visual aid. (research suggests over 65% of people absorb information is via motion). The principal advantage that video marketing is that it revolves around allowing you a tailored audience who is more excited about watching than they are about reading content like a static email. These individual consumers will be more open to learning about your product or service via a video presentation than reams of text on a web site.

Successful marketing is all about an emotional response from a customer and providing for that customer’s needs. Text articles and emails, even when beautifully written with pictures, do not provide the same urgency as you will see in a video viewing response. Information can be delivered in a quicker time frame, as little as 20 seconds,in keeping with the shorter attention span of today’s average consumer.
Video is an excellent way to grab a viewers attention quickly and direct them to your business website,blog or social media page thus helping develop a longer relationship with your web site.

Any business, large or small can leverage Video Marketing

Any businesses can create online video to enhance corporate branding, viral marketing, PR and marketing tactics. A few ideas include, Welcome videos on company websites and blog, video testimonials from customers, video demonstrations and tutorials, customer spotlights, video recaps of events and trade shows and video email marketing campaigns.
There are many benefits to video marketing, not least of which is an additional powerful marketing channel. The more marketing channels and tactics you use, the more customers you will reach.

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Brian is CEO of VideoCustomizer video marketing and video email