It’s no longer a surprise that videos have become a powerful tool for marketing strategy. Its massive upsurge has gone hand in hand with the rise of social media. This means videos are taking over the internet. Now, almost every business has put video at the forefront of all their marketing strategies.

When it comes to your website, video marketing is always needed to be place on your homepage, blog post, or even landing page.

Even in this ever-changing marketing landscape, video is still a clear-cut winner for engaging the audience. The constant rise of video consumption by 100% every year makes the level of competition and noise in video marketing get even fiercer in 2020.

With this ferociously competitive environment, you need to know the best video marketing practices to capture and retrain your customers’ attention. That’s why you need statistics to shed some light on your video marketing strategy plan in 2020.

Video Marketing Statistics for 2020: The Numbers You Should Know

Video is a versatile, engaging, and shareable medium to reach your potential customers— there’s no question about it. Video ads are the first way you could ever think to discover a brand you want to purchase.

It provides easy-to-digest information that gives your eyes a break from the overabundance of boring text on users manual. At least 95% of internet users understand the information better through video. It makes sense that 72% of potential buyers prefer learning about a product or service through a video.

Hence, more than 81% of companies use video as their marketing tool to reach more customers. This statistic represents a 63% increase compared to last year.

This explosive growth of video marketing trends leads to a prediction that online videos will make up over 82% of all customers’ internet traffic by 2022. On the same year, the number of video crossing the internet per second will make up to 1 million.

Video Marketing in 2020: What Can You Expect?

Fueled by the internet access social media, video marketing trends show no sign of slowing down. The only time video marketing trend fade away from marketing vernacular is when internet users stop watching videos. This means that the trend is here to stay.

In 2020, video is still your best performing digital content type to escalate your digital marketing strategy. The numbers on video marketing statistics will only keep growing with each passing year.

Today, over 500 million hours of video are watched by millions of users on YouTube—alone— every day, and with this, you can imagine how it would turn your marketing around if they at least spent just a minute or less on your video content.

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These statistics regarding the rise of video marketing don’t lie. Now it is not a question whether you should use a video as your marketing tool; it is now about how you cut through the noise with your video to stand out from the fierce competition.

That’s why you need to jump into bandwagon now, or else, you’re missing out on the future of marketing. It’s quite challenging to adapt your video marketing strategy accordingly, but once you did it right, it’ll reap the rewards and make your business stay ahead of the game in 2020.

Don’t just take our word for it. Prove it to yourself by using these statistics and integrate it into your entire marketing strategy to kickass your plan in 2020.

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