Over the past year YouTube has grown to be one of the most popular sites on the Internet.
Now owned by Google, it's become one of the most popular sites on the internet... and it lets most popular hack for free likes views subscribers at YouTube YOU add the content.

Which is nothing new in terms of concept, users have always submitted content but the way in which your content is exposed and can be mass exposed to millions in such a professional style, is amazing. Any webmaster not taking advantage of it is... nuts! So assuming you have at least one established or ready made website, you'll need to make videos relating to that, to upload, to get traffic.

Say for example you own a game strategy site, the perfect thing here to do would be to record videos of yourself talking through certain games and techniques or reviews of the newest releases. Then just slap a link in your video, you can either put one at the end of the video on a separate cut, or put a watermark link over your video using something like Sony Vegas.

Once you have a video created and can begin using YouTube Marketing to increase the audience, there are few ideas that work better than others. Here are a few of the best.

Tip 1: Use YouTube Marketing Email

YouTube has a function that will allow you to send emails to other users to let them know about your content. The best way to use this feature is by finding people or subscribers who seem to have an interest in the same type of content. It's a good way to spread the word about your videos.

Tip 2: Use Bulletins

A bulletin in YouTube Marketing terms is a short blurb you write on your site or another user's site. On another's site you may be inviting other people to check out your videos or your profile. On your own portion of the site, you can leave bulletins to make announcements or to share news with your viewers. It's a good way of staying connected and of increasing interest in your content.

Tip 3: Make Video Responses

Part of YouTube Marketing is doing whatever it takes to get people to be interested in your content. Sometimes that means making videos and posting them with other's clips. Make sure your video response will be connected to a clip that receives attention and that your response is well-done and relevant.

Tip 4: Chat with Other Users

Another great YouTube marketing tool are the YouTube streams which let you chat about content and topics, as well as share your relevant clips, with other users.

Also, put a link in your description, that's it!I know this seems blatantly obvious and lots of people of course do it, it's nothing new, but I don't think enough webmasters fully take advantage of huge social networking sites to market their stuff.The formula is simple. Traffic = Money.And YouTube can be the king of traffic boosting if you fully commit yourself to it.

Whether your videos be funny, informal, helpful or whatever, just make sure they're quality and you'll soon see subscribers to your channel rolling in.

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