With mobile devices becoming powerful, video processing is now the norm. You have an abundance of video processing and editing software. You have to find the one that handles 4K videos, and then comes VideoProc.

This all-in-one software is what you need for processing videos. It can handle your smartphone, tablet, drone, and even action cameras. Its true flexibility lies in its ability in backing up DVDs, converting videos, online video downloading, and recording your screen. It truly is an all-in-one software solution.

VideoProc is an effective video processor and has hardware acceleration (Level 3); Intel Nvidia and AMD Graphics Processing Units (GPU) acceleration support. Level 3 acceleration ensures transcoding and editing video files is simple, and no loss of quality.

If you use GoPro to shoot 4K videos, then you will definitely love it. You do not have to use cumbersome, resource-hungry software to process and edit 4K videos. This is where VideoProc comes in as an easy to use 4K editor.

VideoProc Software Features

VideoProc has all your basic tools - trimming, cutting, transcoding, merging, and editing 4K videos. It does this using GPU hardware acceleration. It is able to handle 4K UHD videos easily. High-speed and slow-motion videos are easily processed.

Videos having large file sizes are also a breeze to work with. A 4K video from GoPro, iPhone, drones, Blue-Ray, and YouTube can be handled immaculately. A DVD can be backed-up and ripped in less than 5 minutes without compromising on quality. You can download YouTube videos without ever leaving the software.

VideoProc Codec Support

VideoProc supports a vast variety of audio and video formats from numerous. You can process and edit files from drones, GoPro, Blue-Ray, DSLRs, and Camcorders. It also supports 370+ input codecs and 420+ output formats.

VideoProc Video Format Support

• MP4
• H.264
• M2TS
• TS
• MOD and many more.

VideoProc - Audio Format Support

• MP3
• AC3
• FLAC and many more.

VideoProc - Video Quality

Now, when we use any video edited solution, we notice a drop in quality. Solutions that are able to maintain the quality require high-end systems. VideoProc is able to maintain the original video quality as it uses de-interlacing tech and an integrated high-quality engine.

In many cases, VideoProc is able to improve GoPro video quality. It automatically dynamically optimizes image quality, adjusts definition, and reduces noise making the final video clearer.

VideoProc - Less CPU Usage

VideoProc makes use of hardware acceleration. The result in lesser CPU power required for converting videos. In turn, the strain on the CPU is reduced. You can see the difference when you use other video editing solutions.

VideoProc has a better CPU management system for reducing the load on the CPU. Your CPU’s damage due to overheating is reduced. By making use of hardware acceleration, VideoProc converts video at a higher rate.

Lower CPU usage lets you work while your video is being rendered.

VideoProc - Why One Should Use It

If you are looking for a stable and easy tool to process videos shot on DSLRs, GoPro, iPhone, or drones this is the one for your. Even novice users will find it east to use when comparing Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, and Sony Vegas.

The above software are power hungry and most likely your computer would freeze when processing video. You’ve got many media players that directly don’t support Drone/GoPro videos, and VideoProc is the perfect conversion tool.

VideoProc is the perfect 4K software solution for processing large 4K videos. It is a good video editing solution packed with features.

VideoProc: Video Editing

Here we can take “How to Cut a Video” as example to see how easy VideoProc is:

1. Click on the “+Video” button to import a single video or multiple videos.

2. Then, click “Cut” on the Edit Toolbar.

3. You then drag the green knobs to fix the start time and end time positions.

4. After finalizing the segment you want, click on the orange Cut button. The part in-between the green knobs will be kept.

5. Click the Edit icon next to the clip trimmer, and fine-tune the start time and end times. Click “Done” when complete.

6. To cut a different clip, drag the green knobs and set a different time position. Then, repeat the previous steps from 3 to 5.

7. After cutting different clips, adjust the sequence of clips by clicking the ‘up’ and ‘down; arrows. Follow this for each clip.

8. When everything is finalized, click the “Done” button. All clips will be merged into a new video from the original video.

You can also watch the YouTube guide:

VideoProc - Converting DVDs

Another feature VideoProc has is backing up your physical DVDs by converting them to a format you would like. If you want to back-up Star Wars for your tablet or iPhone, it’s an easy process. You can use presets to select your device model from a list.

Want to store you DVD library on a hard disk, just use the 1:1 copy. VideoProc will preserve all the details without any loss in quality.

VideoProc - Downloading Online Videos

You want to download funny clip you saw the other day. What will you use? VideoProc help you do this with its dedicated online video downloader.

Just copy and paste the Facebook, YouTube, or website URL and choose the format and resolution. If the original video is Ultra HD, you can also download videos in 4K. Downloaded an AVI format, now what? Just use VideoProc to convert it to MP4.

If you are on YouTube and have logged into your account, you can download a whole channel. It even supports YouTube’s Watch Later playlists.

VideoProc - Screen Record

Another useful tool is the Recorder. You can use it to record anything on your screen. You can record you webcam feed. With recorder, you can create video tutorials or streaming game-plays. Recorder lets you choose the screen region to record.


VideoProc is one solid video processing solution for a multitude of needs. It has in-built support for many file types and even for 4k. When you compare this with other solutions, there are many features missing. VideoProc is a well-rounded solution that fits in a small package.

After you try VideoProc, it will become clear that it is easy to operate and has a clean interface. Even if you are a novice or a professional, VideoProc is a solid 4K video editing solution.

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