Videos, articles, and blogs, when optimized for search engine’s can be a great tool for driving traffic to your site and for building an e-mail list.

It has been said many times that when it comes to being or becoming a successful online marketer that ‘the money is in the list’. This statement is absolutely true. A list is a great measure of your earning potential as every address on your list represents a real person who is a potential customer.

Online marketing Gurus agree that video marketing online is now becoming the growth phenomena of today and in the near future a force to be reckoned with, even as article marketing was 4 to 5 years ago. That is not to say that article marketing is not still a major force to be highly respected, in fact, it is a stronger force yet and one element of a greater online marketing synergy, that when combined with others will prove to be massive.

This synergy is the effective and balanced combination of optimized video, optimized articles, and optimized blogs, and yes, I did intend to emphasize the word ‘optimized’ in each. When each and every element is fully and intelligently utilized and optimized, and then combined – together they represent the search engine ideal – S.E.O. Synergy.

Search engines look for keywords, key phrases, and key content, and the cleaner that content is presented to them, the easier it is for them to read and rate the page on the website or blog.

There is a wealth of knowledge and advice out there in the big pond of the Internet on how to optimize your website or blog, and how to optimize your articles for the search engines. All of it is great and absolutely essential if you want your site, blog, article, or even a combination of them all, to rank well – and you most definitely do!

There is one area I have found to be lacking in optimization advice, and that is in video optimization. Especially when it comes to knowing how to combine that optimized video with the other elements to create a perfectly optimized multimedia webpage or blog. Granted, there is an ever-increasing knowledge base emerging on video optimization but it is still in its early stages of growth. Are you tired of the word ‘optimized’ yet? Don’t be -- because you need to make it your friend.

Google and other major search engines like Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing are currently working on how to train their web bots to recognize text in video. Watch closely and take note of this because when they discover how to do it – and they will – it will change how video is produced. This optimization standard will determine how a producer shoots, edits, and tags the video, if that producer desires to rank it high in the search engines. Text in video is going to be a big factor. Read that last line again and let it sink in.

When we consider that very few pictures or visual footage contains little or no text that may be read efficiently by the web bots – apart from any titles that have been added – then the majority of text deficient video will fall in the rankings compared to text optimize video. Let’s face it; we just can’t beat the web bots!

Video producers for the online marketplace will have to consider balancing picture-based visuals with text-based visuals. If the same video was produced twice – one with pictures and very little text in the video, and the second one with all text in the video – will the second one rank better than the first? Once the search engine web bots start looking for keywords and key phrases in video I think the answer would be that the video replete with text would rank higher.

If the keywords and key phrases that are outside the video are the same as those inside it the synergy effect takes place, and you have a fully modernized – optimized video.

Extrapolate this synergy effect all the way out to the bigger picture of how the newly optimized video relates to the article that may accompany it on the webpage or blog on which it sits, and the synergy effect is multiplied greatly!

Video S.E.O. has only just begun. Hear a pop song anyone?

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