These days the purpose for travelling is varied. But the problem lies in the fact that as a traveller, you require different types of visas for different types of tour plans. These specific requirements are quite tough to look after. But with the advent of online passport and visa expediting organisations, agencies rather, you are free to book or apply for different types of visas at any time of the day you prefer. Gone are the days when you had to plan regular visits to the passport agencies in order to get your passports or even visas done for different countries amidst your hectic schedule. These aspects are looked after in good stead in the contemporary world. What makes them better is the availability of the office in your bag or even in your pockets these days.

Travel to Asian countries has increased considerably these days. Countries like Vietnam have been getting heavy attention from the traveller’s point of view. This has mostly happened due to the historical value of the country from the American perspective. As such, we can well assume that visa for Vietnam has become quite important. This has subsequently increased the rush for the Vietnam visa application. Thus, it has become quite important to know the whereabouts of the Vietnam visa so that the people opting for a tour to the country do not face any hiccups during the preparatory phase of the travel plan.

If you are a resident of America, you are automatically eligible for three kinds of visa to Vietnam. You can opt for tourist visas, business visas or even work visas in accordance to your requirements. The online passport agencies just want you to apply for the visa. Once you have submitted the application form, you would definitely get a call or instructions from the agency in order to process further documentation of the visa. Remember that you are eligible for the tourist visa only if you are planning for sightseeing or other non-business activities. You cannot perform any paid activity if you are there with a tourist visa. If you have a business visa in hand, on the contrary, you are eligible to evaluate investments, conduct commercial deals, visit vendors or clients for conducting any business related activities. You are even free to conduct any other business related activity as well. Then you have the option the work visa which allows you to work for a company registered in Vietnam.

After gaining knowledge on the technical aspects, all you need to do is to submit your passport, a passport photo, a copy of your flight itinerary, loose leaf visa along with the application form. Ion submission of these documents you would have to decide which sort of visa you require, there are 3 types of validity for all visas to Vietnam: 1 month, 3 months and 1 year. Along with that you need to decide whether you are opting for single entries or multiple entries in accordance to your requirement. Further, your payment scheme would depend on all these aspects along with the whether you are opting for a regular service or an emergency service.

With all these things available at your doorsteps, all you require is to switch on your laptop or your computer for that matter and then connect it to the internet for opening the page of the online agency you have opted for. The rest of the things are looked after in a proper manner by the company to make your journey hassle free and comfortable.

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