Dang Xuan Hoa expresses emotions through figures and shapes as his compositions appear to be perfect in themselves . His harmony of colours has instant appeal with subtle aesthetics .

His work is in demand all over the world and has been auctioned and exhibited across the globe from New York to Hong Kong to London .

Born in 1959 , Dang Xuan Hoa graduated from the Vietnam University of Fine Arts in 1983 . In his recent paintings , Dang Xuan Hoa remains true to himself , and objects are his main subjects. They are painted in a way to capture their relationship to the world around them . These subjects are familiar in the life of the painter . As Dang Xuan Hoa says , they can be found everywhere arounf me and in the community".

The objects appear in a kind of multi-layered perspective . Their representation is simple , almost rough . They have a sense of immediacy , directness and power . Art is for Dang Xuan Hoa , simplicity in form and substance .

As a young artist , he painted a wide varietyof still-life pieces , only gradually moving on to a figuration that has come to dominate his art . For Dang Xuan Hoa , still life offered him the opportunity to experiment , and his later portraits he has used elements and many motifs such as vases , flowers , bowls and cats , of his still life to enhance many of his best portraits and self portraits .
Please go to the website to view his paintings www.eyegalleryvn.com

Author's Bio: 


1959 Born in Nam Dinh, Viet Nam

1983 Graduated from Hanoi College of Fine Arts

Member of the Vietnamese Fine Art AssociationChief material: Oil on canvas


2012 From Brush To Block , Midtown Arts Common , New York USA

2011 Solo exhibition of abstract paintings in Ho Chi Minh City

2010 Group exhibition with some famous Vietnamese artists : North , Center and South of Vietnam highlights

2009 Group exhibition , Tradition and Change : Vietnamese Art Today , The Consulate General of the Socialist Replublic of Vietnam in San Francisco City Hall

2007 Solo exhibition , Singapore

2006 Group exhibition , Contemporary Views : Flora And Fauna In Vietnamese Art , New York

2005 Group exhibition , Art Miami , Miami Beach

2004 Group exhibition , Tradition And Change : Vietnamese Art Today , The Vietnamese Embassy , Washington DC

2003 Group exhibition , Contemporary Vietnamese Art , Scottsdale , AZ

2002 Group exhibition at Uttery Art, Singapore.

Group exhibition , Where The Rivers Meet , Brussels

2001 “Contemporary Artists, Vietnam” Exhibition at the Artists’ Space Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

“Human’s Objects” one-man exhibition at Sofitel Hotel, Hanoi.

“Day by Day” one-man exhibition at Gallery 55, Bangkok, Thailand. – “Vision of Vietnam: A Group Exhibition of Contemporary Vietnamese Art” at King’s Road Gallery, London, UK.

Group exhibition at Kim 3 Gallery California, USA.

Group exhibition at National Exhibition Hall, Hanoi.Group exhibition (opened on 17th August) in Rotunda, Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong.

Group exhibition at Contemporary Art Center, Hanoi“Vietnamese Contemporary Artists Part II” group exhibition at the Artists’ Space, Concorde Hotel Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

“Where the Rivers Meets” group exhibition in the Vietnamese Cultural Festival, Luxembourg and continued at “Libre de Bruxelles” University, Brussels, Belgium.Group Exhibition in Australia.

Group Exhibition in London – England..

2000 Group exhibition at Mai Gallery, Hanoi.

“Europe’ Art Geneva” International Art Fair (3-7 May), Geneva, Switzerland.

“Contemporary Identities: Images from Vietnam” (18 Sep – Dec) at Atrium Gallery, Sofitel Hotel, Melbourne, Australia.

“Europe Art 2000” group exhibition in Barcelona, Spain

1999 Group exhibition at Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Group exhibition at Meridian International Center, Washington DC, USA.

Group exhibition at Gallery Simyo, Seoul, Republic of Korea

1998 “Vietnam 20th Century: Plastic and Visual Arts from 1925 to Our Time” Exhibition organized by the European Union, Brussels, Belgium.

1997 Portrait” Exhibition – Trang An Gallery – HanoOne-man Show – Mai Gallery – Hanoi.“Color Country” four-man exhibition at the 19 Gallery, Hanoi.

1996 “Two Friends, Two Styles” Show at La Vong Gallery – Hong Kong.Group shows “The Gang of Five” at La Vong Gallery – Singapore.Group Show – “Rural Poetry”– HanoiGroup Show – “Color Country” - Cicada Gallery of Fine Arts – Singapore

1995 Group Show “The Gang of Five” at Red River Gallery, Hanoi.“Weather Report” Exhibition – Europe – Asia.“An Ocean Apart” Exhibition – USA.

1994 One Man Show – Koussviztky Art Gallery – Berkshire, Community College– Fittsfield – Massachusetts – USA

One Man Show – Lillian Immig Gallery – Boston Massachusetts

One Man Show – Blanchard Trust Gallery – Emerson Gallery and then in Umbrella Center for the Art – Concorde, Massachusetts, USA.

One Man Show – East – West Cultural Studies Project Room – Gallery Soho – 568 Broadway – New York City, USA.

1993 Group show “The Gang of Five” – HanoiModern Vietnamese Art Exhibition – Holland.

1992 Group show “The Gang of Five” –HCM CityAbstract Painting Exhibition – Ho Chi Minh City.

1991 “Uncorked soul” Contemporary Art from Vietnam – Plum Blossom Gallery – Hong Kong – Singapore.

1991 International Book Fair Exhibition – Hong Kong1990 National Fine Art Exhibition – HanoiGroup show “The Gang of Five” – Hanoi“Portrait” Exhibition – Hanoi

1989 Havana Tercera Biennial – Cuba

1988 International Young Painters Exhibition – USSR

1987 “16 Painters” Exhibition – Vietnam National Fine Art of Vietnam1985 Young Painters Exhibition – Hanoi

1980-1989 Hanoi Annual Fine Art Exhibition


The Vietnamese National Fine Art of Museum

The Singapore National Fine Art of Museum

The Malaysia National Fine Art of Museum

Many private collection in USA , Holland , France , Singapore , Hong Kong , Indonesia , Malaysia , Belgium , Argentina , Korea , UK …