In Vietnam, more than 500 thousand hectares of land is occupied by plantations, on which about one million tons of coffee is grown. This country is the world's second largest exporter of coffee by volume after Brazil.
The harvest in Vietnam is almost all year round. They begin collecting coffee beans in October and complete only in September next year.
Coffee production of Vietnam includes both green coffee beans, as well as roasted, ground, and instant coffee.
Today, Vietnam delivers robusta type of coffee to the market of almost all countries. Wet and warm climate of the country allows to grow a coffee tree with the least expenses, as robusta doesn’t require too much care. Robusta has a sharp aroma and a strong bitter taste.
Arabica is grown in the country in very limited quantities. Vietnamese Arabica with a soft and delicate taste is most popular in Japan, Belgium, Germany and the United States.
Vietnamese coffee - a characteristic of taste from experts
• Bouquet: medium quality, well-balanced taste.
• Roasting: medium to high;
• Saturation is good
• Acidity - excellent
• The balance is excellent.
Vietnam takes an honorable fourth place in terms of the quality of coffee produced.

Vietnamese coffee maker

In order to prepare the right Vietnamese coffee, you have to be using a special device - a press filter. Such a national device is a brewer - a filter made of aluminum or stainless steel, sometimes of silver.
With the help of the Vietnamese coffee maker, it is easy to adjust the degree of strength of the final product. The process of operating the device is simple enough and it will not be difficult for a novice to use it.
1. Place a press filter over the glass bowl;
2. Put 3-4 teaspoons of ground coffee beans at the bottom of the filter;
3. Press the press and pour boiling water.
4. Liquid in small portions enters through the filter holes in the bowl. After 3-5 minutes the drink can be tasted.

White Gourmet Coffee

This is coffee with condensed milk.
The whole secret lies in the consistency of the ingredients: it’s not the milk that is added to the ready-made drink, but the coffee is added to the condensed milk. It is important not to stir the contents of the bowl until it is completely filled with a fragrant drink.
The sequence of preparation is as follows:
1. put 2-3 spoons of condensed milk on the bottom of the glass cup;
2. Place a filter on the top of the bowl and brew the coffee – Vietnamese style;
3. When the coffee has completely passed through the filter - release the top of the cup. The resulting drink retains a clear line of delineation between the white milk bottom and the dark coffee top;
4. Gently mix the contents of the bowl.
5. At the last stage of preparing, you can add ice to the drink, which will allow you to enjoy completely new flavors.

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