Winter season is a tricky time of the year, whereby although there’s not much activity outside, somehow, the danger of burglary and theft is doubled. In desolate and dark neighborhoods, the burglars see a fitting opportunity of breaking and entering into people’s properties. The darkness coupled with the probable absence of neighbors leaves an even bigger window for the burglars to strike the target.

Recent study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shows that a tremendously small number of homeowners in the entire US have home security systems at their properties. Consequently, the probability of burglary increases by massive degree, and even more so, during the dark of the night.

It also bears mentioning, that the danger of home invasion crimes still very much exists, even in the presence of a home security system. Reason being the lack of competent surveillance equipment at a property, which allows the burglars to get away with their crimes. With that said, here’s how you can ensure the security of you beloved abode at night time:

  • Surveillance Cameras - In order for a home security system to be effective, it needs to be equipped with security cameras. However, some of these cameras are either night-blind or have a ‘less than spectacular’ picture quality. This often results in the burglars not getting traced in the footage due to a dark image or a poor quality of the footage. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to assure that the surveillance system being installed has all the favorable features to properly trace the culprits.
  • Motion Detectors - Motion detectors are an important part of a security system. Even if the cameras are of impeccable quality, there can be a number blindspots where the cameras can’t see. That is where the motion sensors can help. Motion detectors with their infrared sensing system, can sense suspicious movement and set off the alarm even if its pitch-dark. Plus, when paired with the image sensor, the motion detectors can snap a photo of the moving object as well, to provide a clear view.

Getting the suitable equipment is indeed instrumental, but getting the right home security service provider is also highly important. That is where Perfect Home Defense comes in. Perfect Home defense can hook you up with the top shelf technology and make your home’s security impregnable. You can get a complete home security system with $0 installation and activation cost. You can also get a ‘plug-and-play’ Do It Yourself (DIY) equipment at a market competitive rate. The equipment includes surveillance cameras with 1080p display, night vision and wide angle panoramic display of the property. Also, you can get motion sensors and the optional image sensors that can not only detect the suspicious movement, but also capture an image of the perpetrator in question.

The other reason to pick Perfect Home Defense is for their customer services division. The customer services experts make it their foremost priority to provide the homeowners accurate information and due consideration. With the said qualities, Perfect Home Defense makes an ideal smart home security service provider that keeps a watchful eye over you and your loved ones in the light of day and in the dark of night.

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Perfect Home Defense makes an ideal smart home security service provider that keeps a watchful eye over you and your loved ones in the light of day and in the dark of night.