Vimsottari Dasa is the most vital Dasa of Vedic astrology. It starts right after the birth of the native and runs till the end of his life. Vimsottari dasa is the Nakshatra/Maha (constellation) Dasa that is based on the longitude of the Moon in the natal charts. Each Nakshatra (constellation) has a planet (or Node) as its lord. There are in total 9 lords. Dasas of these 9 different planets are for different number of years, but the sum of all dasas is 120 years.

The order of the main periods (dasa) under the Vimsottari dasa system is the dasa of the Sun succeeded by the Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and Venus. The major period of planets under the Vimsottari dasa, which they have in seriatim are mentioned below:

Sun: 6 years

Moon: 10 years

Mars: 7 years

Rahu: 18 years

Jupiter: 16 years

Saturn: 19 years

Mercury: 17 years

Ketu: 7 years

Venus: 20 years

Vimsottari dasa system is the most accurate and logical dasa-system to predict the timing of a particular event in the past, present and future of one’s life. For instance, when will you get a house, get married, get a job, buy a car, have a kid etc. The answer of “When all this will happen” comes from the Vimsottari dasa system. Sage Parasara has mentioned in “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastram” that Vimsottari dasa system is the most suitable dasa system in Kali yuga.

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