There are many truths about ourselves, and the world that we discover along the way. However, sometimes those truths no longer serve us as we grow and become the greater part of our selves.

We have reached a specific point in time now that we are discovering some great truths in order to prepare us for the great changes that will bring us into better times. But like all opportunities, it is up to us to pay attention and to choose wisely what we do with the opportunity before us. Many have said that the truth will set you free, and I’m a believer in that. It is time now that we all discover who we really are, from the inside out, so that we can reconnect to life and our innate love for all life and our planet.

We are literally standing at the precipice of a New World, and the importance of this cannot be overstated. We are all being asked now to be the Fool and step off the cliff without knowing what lies ahead. It is called Faith, and you are being called on now to have more faith in yourself, faith in your fellow-human and faith in the Universe.

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is changing. And, it’s changing at an unprecedented pace. Now is not the time to kid yourself into thinking that the new president, or the New Year, or a new diet is going to fix your life. The world, your world and mine will to continue to change, with the old structures of religion, government and societal regimentation falling away to make room for the new and better life - for everyone.

This is where Faith comes in; that all the falling apart-ness is for the greater good and that if you give into fear, you’ll get exactly what you feared most. If there is one thing you can do to prepare for the continued collapse of the old way of living, it is to learn to meditate each and every day. Take the time to reflect on your life and the direction your going. Are you just going with it or are you creating it in the effortless flow of just being? Find ways to simplify your life and to disconnect from the chaos of the outer world in crisis. Turn off the TV and try not to watch the news. Go outside and reconnect with Nature, and find a way to begin living your creative passions.

The Truth is: Vincit Omnia Veritas - The Truth does Conquers All.
The opportunity is now within our manifestation potential that connects us to Spirit and our innate Intuition to begin creating our life from the inside out. Go into your Heart Center and see what desires and passions are waiting patiently for you to take them out to manifest. With the advent of the 2011 Spring Equinox, the RE-Emergence of the Divine Feminine has begun to reclaim her rightful place in the world, and in every form of expression. Expect to see this RE-Emergence of the Divine Feminine Will begin to truly challenge the “Father” role represented by the old guard paradigm run by big business, big government and the old out-worn religious structures.

As the Divine Feminine energy continues to reestablish her expression of total creative freedom and release us from a male dominated world of bondage, you will begin to feel more creative in your own life. Maybe you’ll start to draw again after years of not picking up your charcoal and pad. No matter what form this re-emerging energy takes in your life, it is time to re-awaken your innate creative abilities.

As women, you will want to utilize this creative energy in every way in your own lives, as it will be up to the women on the planet to take hold of what needs to be done in order to protect her children. It will also come down to the female voices around the world to assist our species to not only merely survive, but to succeed in moving into the higher-vibrational state of living that we as a humanity, and Mother Earth are being called on to do now.

If on the other hand, you continue to look and depend on the outer world, religious, governmental and societal structures to provide your security, you will only find fear to hold you in place as a slave to the empire that is crumbling. It is time now that we wake up to the truth that we are individually, as well as collectively, the sovereign and free creators not only of our world, but also of ourselves, in every way. And in knowing this, in remembering this, and reclaiming the truth of who we truly are, will the truth finally set us free.

Author's Bio: 

Rebecca Cherry
Master of Integrated Energetics

Founder: Tickled Pink Productions
Author: ‘Isabella’s Earth & The Forces of Doom’ – Due for Release June 2011

‘Notes from the Universe’ – eBook available on Barnes& &

Retreat Leader: Divine Feminine Spirit Retreat - Tuscany 2011 (

Born highly intuitive, Rebecca began studying esoteric subjects at the age of fifteen, and by the age of twenty had studied The Science of the Subconscious Mind, taught by a Professor at the UCLA Brain Institute, Past Life Regression Therapy, Meditation and a variety of Energetic Healing modalities.

Over the past thirty-five years, Rebecca expanded her studies with three Master Intuitive Teachers, and further integrated the Akashic Records, Astrology, Feng Shui, Gem Therapy and more.

Rebecca’s innate intuition, extensive knowledge and combined expertise create a cohesive system she calls ‘Integrated Energetics’. She offers the Akashic Records’ divine guidance as assistance for others to transform their lives into the one they not only desire, but also the one they are destined to live.

She lives in Lucca, Italy
Favorite Subjects: Mother Earth, Nature, the Universe
Personal Motto: Dream BIG, Dream often, and don’t let go until you are living it!