Are we striking the right balance? What does that mean? This question is something that I almost always hear whenever I say that doing a vintage themed room is all about being balanced.
Let me explain.
If you put all of your antiques in one room and nothing modern, it will become suffocated. Hence it is essential to choose what vintage things you would be adding to your room interior design. I highly suggest choosing 1-2 elements from the list below of vintage items that can be put in place.

1. Vintage tiles
Putting a reclaimed tile would be the perfect way to add a vintage theme, but it is expensive. But don't fear you will be able to get a lot of tiles designed on a vintage theme. The good part about these replicas is that they add the feel to the room while staying inexpensive and durable.

2. Vintage Showpieces
You will be able to get a lot of them in the vintage stores. However, there are a lot of replicas, and people previously have been fooled into believing that they're real. If you don't know how something old would look, I suggest getting an opinion of someone who can recognize the antique's aging process.
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3. Antique furniture
Antique furniture has this specific design details on each piece that requires expert-level craftsmanship. One chair or sofa is enough to give your room the vintage feel. That piece of furniture is the showstopper of your room interior design.

4. Vintage mirrors
Vintage mirrors are perfect for an entry hallway or on an empty wall of the dining or living room. They add a vibe of sophistication to the room they're placed, and did I mention that you get some pretty slick mirror selfies on them. They are not expensive; however, they require careful maintenance.

5. Reusing stuff
Do you have your grandma's old suitcases lying around in the garage? Then take them out, get the dust off and get them revamped (by coloring or scaling). They can be the perfect stand or side-table lying in the corner of your room. This one antique piece will add elegance to your minimalistic interior design.

Adding one or two of these things will be enough! If you add more, the chances are that your room will look something out of a museum. The more light-handed you are, the better your room interior will turn out to be.

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