Do you want your media to go viral on social media sites?

This post tells you how.

1. Use memes.
Memes are wildly popular and become more popular daily. Sites like Imgur and MemeGenerator are booming with business. People can share memes that add to their viral media potential. After a difficult 2020, people appreciate the break humor gives them. Here you will find meme making tools for free:

2. Use unusual fonts.
If you want people to stop the scroll and share your content, you need to use eye-catching fonts. Sharing leads to viral media. You can use the fonts in your Instagram bio, your Instagram post feed, and your Instagram stories. Here you will find free tools and methods to make unusual fonts:

3. Make eye-catching posts.
Of course, these methods to make unusual fonts are worthless if you don't have content to use the fonts in. There are many free tools to help you make eye-catching Instagram posts. You will find the free tools with tutorials here:

4. Use hashtags
If you want to boost your viral media potential, you need people to find and share your content. There are free tools like All-Hashtag that tell you relevant hashtags. However, if you use banned hashtags, Instagram won't show your content to people. You will find information and examples of banned hashtags here:

5. As mentioned, you want people to share your content. Consider putting influencers in your content and asking them to share. Twitter is the perfect place to ask people to share. Let them know they were included by tagging them and include the words "Please retweet" which tells them you want them to share. You will find more information and tagging instructions here:

6. Share other people's content.
If you share other people's content, they will be likely to share your content leading to viral media on social media sites. In fact, since the summer, I have used images and videos I find on Pinterest. More recently, I use videos I find on YouTube. You don't need to spend time recreating content people will let you use. Just give source credit to be ethical. The downloaders come with links to the original source.
Here you will find instructions and information about how to download from Pinterest:
Here you will find instructions and information how to download from YouTube:

Wrapping Up:
In closing, this post shared 6 free methods you can use to boost your chances for viral media on social media sites in 2022.

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