As a working mum of two very young (10 months and 23 months) children, I understand how hard it can be to manage everything and yes, we do try to do everything. However as business owners, it simply isn’t possible to manage everything in our business, be there for our family and have that much needed down time for ourselves.

As working mothers we only have a limited amount of time during the day to focus on our business and get much needed work done, so how do we accomplish all that we need done in a day – delegation.

Delegation is the key and if done right, it will free up time that you can spend with your children, on your business or enjoying a spa day (pedicures, my true love)

Virtual Assistants are the answers to your prayers, they work from home (no office space needed), they get paid only for actual work done and they are professional business owners themselves so they understand the pressures you are facing.

Even if you were to outsource 2 hours of work per week or 5 hours per month, this is extra time that will help to ensure things get done. Have you ever heard the saying “you need to spend money to make money”, this is so true here. If you are a business coach, or a book author, speaker or whatever you may be, you need to be doing just that- coaching, speaking or writing instead of copying and pasting your blog post into WordPress or submitting articles to the various directories. Outsourcing the tasks that steal your time will drive traffic to your site and give you more time to invest on revenue producing tasks.

VA’s are great to work with; they get you because they ARE you! They have a vested interest in your business doing well because your success reflects brightly on them, and helps ensure THEIR success!

Give it a try and see; you may just end up gaining valuable time and loving life a little more….

Author's Bio: 

Virtual Assistant Matchmaker, Gráinne Foley launched Live-Hire to match high achieving, time-starved entrepreneurs with the right Virtual Assistants. Her mission is to save them precious time, money, and trouble and pave their path to success with the right virtual assistant for every need.

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