We’re sure that every now and then you enjoy an alcoholic beverage. Maybe it’s in celebration of an occasion or maybe you’ve opted for a glass to wind down. Occasional drinking isn’t too harmful and, in fact, it is shown to have some health benefits.

But when drinking alcohol becomes excessive, when it becomes your go-to resort to manage life and it begins taking over the activities you once enjoyed doing, you can very well have an alcohol addiction.

Within the United States alone alcohol addictions affects 16.6 million adults and alcohol-related deaths are around 88,000. Drinking in excess amounts can severely harm your body and sadly end your life. This is why treating your alcohol addiction is so important.

A new means has emerged that appears to be effective in treating alcohol addiction. It involves the use of virtual reality therapy and the findings from a study testing this method shows promise.

Virtual reality therapy shows promise in treating alcohol addiction
In a small research study virtual reality therapy was used to reveal its effectiveness in treating alcohol addition. The findings were published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

Currently virtual reality therapy is used in the field of psychiatry and psychology to help treat phobias and stress-related disorders. The idea behind this type of therapy is so expose people to their fears and stresses in an attempt to manage them – all the while in a controlled, safe environment.

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