Sunshine Preschool and Daycare is one of the pioneers in a preschool segment that also provides online summer camp for kids (junior kids aged 1.5 to 3.5 years and senior kids aged between 4 to 10 years). Our programs are meticulously planned to offer a structured opportunity for children to grow, become independent and self-confident, socialize and make new friends, and even learn new skills.

Sunshine's Online Summer Camp is fun, interactive, captures the kids’ interests, and is guided by well-trained teachers to enable parents to comfortably take a backseat and let kids explore their hidden talents and interest.

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Amit Prasad is SatNav Group's visionary Founder & Managing Director who conceptualized the Preschool & Daycare model way back in 2005. He splits his time between his ventures, at Sunshine his focus is on Strategy. Amit loves to travel to new places, play golf and read Biographies.