The way loved ones support expecting parents is changing. More Texans are joining the rest of the country and celebrating milestones online. The following are a few ways you can support expecting parents virtually.

Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Baby showers are great but can be inconvenient. Flying to big cities like Houston may seem easy, but the price doesn't always fit a person's budget. For some, life is just too busy, and they don't have time to physically attend a baby shower. Whatever the reason may be, virtual baby showers are becoming popular, and that makes sense.

If you want to support expecting parents, you should consider throwing a virtual baby shower, and make sure as many people as possible show up to the party. One of the most important things to do before planning this event is establishing communication. This could be easily done using social media platforms where you can create a group. Attendees can talk to each other and share updates about the baby shower.

It would be wise to plan out the entire celebration, giving guests time to talk while also putting a time limit on the event. You'd be surprised how easily time can pass by when you're having a virtual baby shower. Guests have things to do, so make sure the baby shower is no longer than an hour or two.

Optimize the Registry

The next thing to think about is the registry. A big part of the baby shower is the gifts, especially because new parents will need these things. Many folks tend to rely on big-box companies, which does make sense as they have a big selection and usually offer great discounts and sometimes free shipping, but opting for a big-box company robs you of your creativity.

New and unconventional new parents need some uniqueness, and you can offer this by simply choosing a smaller online store. Look for a company that sells things that new parents are going to love, like handmade wooden cribs or cloth diapers. These are the kinds of items you don't normally find at big companies, but make sure you give yourself enough time to look for the right company because this could take some time.

While it's nice to choose a store that offers unique gifts, these stores must also offer the essentials like break milk pumps, strollers, baby car seats, and much more. It would be a good idea to talk to veteran parents to find out if any big-ticket items are missing from the registry. For example, white noise machines and humidifiers are often overlooked items that should be on the list.

Offer Parent-Friendly Services

When creating the list of gifts, many people focus on things, but there's more to give that is sometimes overlooked. Everyone knows that it takes a village to raise a child, and that is the reason regular gifts are just as important as services.

You want to make sure the registry also offers services, or maybe you can find an alternative to ensure that things like maid services, doulas, food delivery, and even newborn photography are covered. All of these services are essential. Maid service can be helpful before and after the birth. The parents may need a little help around the house for a few weeks. This will give them time to focus on the baby and not worry about cleaning chores they would normally have to do.

You should also consider newborn photography, which doesn't seem like much but is a great opportunity to capture a baby's magic on stills; it's actually much more than that. Professional newborn photography helps new parents bond with their babies by assisting with the bonding experience. Consider looking in your area for a professional photographer. For example, if you live in Houston you can search for newborn photography in Houston. Precious moments are captured, and they can be shared with everyone who attends the baby shower. Having these pictures helps parents continue to bond as the child ages. Everyone wants to see themselves when they were babies, especially with the kind of detail you'll get from a professional.

These are some ways you can support new expecting parents virtually. It's definitely a new way of doing things, but where there is love and goodwill all things are possible.

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