What is the most popular payment method nowadays? Well, it’s not Bitcoin for sure, although that may change in the future. The worldwide answer is definitely cash, but when it comes to online purchases, credit cards are still an undisputed king. Therefore, the majority of people who are looking to buy Bitcoin want to do it with fiat money, and one of the fastest ways to “convert” fiat to crypto is by using credit cards.

However, in order to obtain Bitcoin, you need to be a member of an exchange that offers such services. Luckily for you, the web is filled with various platforms offering to sell you cryptos.

The choice of exchanges is, therefore, huge. But you should not fall for that – some of them might be a scam! In fact, when you exclude the scam ones, the list of online crypto exchanges gets much shorter. Then, there are those which are simply not good enough, which are also not included in this article.

Finally, when we take into account only the good ones that also offer using a credit card, the list becomes smaller. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of the exchanges on the web that offer you to buy Bitcoin with credit card .


CEX.IO is usually the first site that comes to our mind when someone wants to buy crypto with VISA or MasterCard. The reason for this is its super-intuitive design and interface that makes it perfect for new users.

Why is usability important? Well, if you are not into cryptos, you probably don’t know this, but most of your online transactions will probably be crypto-to-crypto. In fact, you will rarely use fiat money to buy your cryptos once again. Therefore, if you do it for the first time, you are probably not familiar with all the stats, figures, and charts that crypto traders love, and that’s why CEX.IO is a great option.

With just a few clicks, you will become a proud owner of Bitcoin. Apart from the “digital gold,” this exchange also offers several other popular cryptocurrencies. Needless to say, credit cards are the primary payment method for CEX.IO. Setting up an account is a simple process, and it will take no longer than a couple of minutes before it is verified.


Coinbase is the US favorite. Many Americans simply love using Coinbase to buy Bitcoin and a couple of other cryptos with their credit cards. One of the main reasons for its popularity is regulation. We all know that Americans like their exchanges to be regulated, and Coinbase had to undergo a strict regulation procedure in order to obtain a license and to be allowed to even operate on the US ground. With that in mind, you can rest assured that all your funds are safe and that you are protected as the user of this platform.

The platform has been active since 2012, and credit cards play an important role in the transactions that took place there. Some other cryptos that you can obtain on it include ETH, XRP and more. Coinbase shares the simplicity of CEX.IO, meaning that you can easily get around the platform and become a crypto trader in no time.

The company behind this service bought another popular exchange called GDAX recently and renamed it to Coinbase Pro. Now, if you are an experienced trader , you might be interested in checking out the Pro version of Coinbase. However, if you are new to the whole crypto trading thing, feel free to keep it simple with the ordinary version of Coinbase.


CoinMama is also considered one of the most straightforward trading platforms out there. Its primary advantage is that it is available in 180 countries. Although not as popular as Coinbase, CoinMama still manages to offer top-notch service, which made it very attractive lately. Price denominations are usually in USD or EUR, and apart from accepting credit and debit cards, this exchange also allows 0% fee SEPA payments which were activated recently.

There is one slight disadvantage of CoinMama compared to other exchanges we mentioned in this article – fees. The brokerage service fee is set at 5.9%. Combined with a credit card processing fee which is 5%, you will have to pay a total of 10.9%, which is considered a lot, especially if you trade big amounts of money.


Although the name might make you think that this platform is aimed at the Asian market, that is actually not true. BitPanda is a company from Austria, and it mainly covers the European market, with EUR being its primary fiat currency (but you can also use CHF, USD, and GBP). The list of supported cryptos is quite lengthy, meaning that you can exchange your fiat money for all the popular cryptocurrencies at the moment. Furthermore, BitPanda supports a wide variety of payment methods, including Visa and Mastercard credit cards.


Bitstamp may not be the first exchange that comes to mind of experienced crypto traders. However, thanks to the team running this platform, we can enjoy enhanced security, cold storage wallets, segwit, and many other technologies and tools that made crypto trading more convenient. In other words, Bitstamp is a perfect platform for all traders who prefer security and safety in the first place.

Its country of origin is the UK, and it has been around for quite some time – since 2011. The fees are also pretty much similar to other exchanges, and the platform offers several deposit and withdrawal methods, with credit cards being at the forefront.


The platforms we mentioned in this article are not only suitable for credit card users but also very welcoming of new users who are looking to learn how to trade and to buy their way into the world of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, feel free to make your choice and become a crypto owner or trader!

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