This much ignored activity is at the heart of success in fitness endeavors, or any other personal endeavor for that matter, business included. It has gotten a bad name over the years because it has been asked to do things beyond its range of usefulness by people who are unconscious to its possibilities. It’s not magic but it does have indispensable usefulness when properly used. Put in simplest terms it is really just a loosely stated goal statement Your personal development program will undoubtedly benefit from sound visioning practices, as will your business.

What constitutes sound visioning in this context? Well for starters, visioning is the foundation for goal setting. If you can’t visualize something better, how can you set a realistic goal to achieve it? Without goals what chance does a business have? So the process is sound and of value. There should be solid emotional content in the statement. A vision should be more than a picture of what could be. Andy Stanley, a popular minister and motivational speaker, defines a vision as “a picture of what could be compelled by the conviction that it should be.” (emphasis added) That’s a little different than just a picture of what could be. Stanley’s definition is something that will connect with people; the standard definition, not so much.

Thinking to the depth necessary to produce the emotion that will cause people to use this idea as a yardstick against which to measure all subsequent ideas and activities is hard work. Tim Hurson, in his book, Think Better, points this common failing out in relation to brainstorming, another equally discredited practice. He says that people generally avoid the depth of thinking necessary, avoiding it as too painful for most. This results in lack of positive usefulness through non-use of the products of the activity. Something that connects emotionally with the reader is what’s required.

Goal setting in general and the lengthy exercises involved in establishing a worthwhile vision statement have fallen into disrepute. The results, because of this shortcoming, are often lacklustre and of limited usefulness even when used properly. Hence, people rightfully resist being held to these second rate commitments. Make the effort. Pay the price. Such hard work is all that stands between you and systematic, predictable progress. A well crafted goal or vision statement is often all the motivation required to exert the discipline necessary to succeed over tough times either personally or in business. We all know tough times will come. For what valuable prize are you pushing ahead?

It is rarely advisable to try to establish these useful tools as a do it yourself exercise. It pays to use the services of a good coach to help you get somewhere of value both for you and your business. It will be of real value to have your feet held to the fire, so to speak, when the going gets tough, and it will. The right questions will get at the answers you seek.

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Joe Macartney is an author and coach living in the Kincardine area of Ontario. He enjoys long experience involving coaching, manufacturing, manufacturing management, various sales and teaching. Contact at