Have you ever turned on your computer and -- nothing! nada! Zero. Panic, because I make my living on the computer. So I call my computer expert and he appears at 10:00 a.m. Many calls to his supervisors throughout the day, with no solution. He promises to stay until the situation is resolved. I feel that anxious buzz in my stomach. My conscious mind warns me that negative stress is one of the major factors that influences my health and accelerates the march to fatal disease. I am determined to turn this into positive stress – the kind that promotes action and creative problem solving. I come up with the answer: I’ll create a vision board. That will be just the thing to change my energy.

What is a vision board?
Primarily, a vision board is a tool -- a way to have fun, relax, build reality into your dreams and goals, and grow your brain at the same time. Anytime is the very best time to do a vision board. Pick a time when you have something you want to clarify or manifest: a goal, desire, problem, conflict, lack of clarity, or a dark mood. A vision board is always a positive action that moves you into another place emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Start by collecting images that tie in with an aspiration or issue you wish to clarify. Look through magazines and cut or tear out pictures, phrases, or words -- or use photographs, postcards, fabrics, or any other materials that call to you. Other handy tools include tacky glue, removeable glue sticks, a small X-Acto knife and blade, push pins, ruler with metal edge, wide and narrow sharpies, crayons, colored markers, greeting cards, poetry, quotes, and affirmations. Use a large, flat surface so you can spread out all your images. Stay out of the wind and away from fans or air-conditioning vents that will blow your materials away. Put on your favorite music that matches the mood you want to have or create. Use aromatherapy if it relaxes you.

Next, clear your mind to free your imagination with meditation, relaxation, prayer, and/or breathing techniques. Write a vision statement to help you focus on some specific area or goal -- mental and physical health, love, money, relationships, career, a puppy dog, or anything at all. Spontaneity is key to bring the vision’s images up from your subconscious. Arrange the images and objects on a poster board and, attach them with glue, tape or pins. When you are pleased, glue everything permanently. You can also laminate the board for a polished effect.
As you experience this vision board process, your thoughts quickly move from your analytical left brain to your creative right brain (or vice-versa if you are left-handed), and your feelings emerge from your subconscious.

This is a huge leap towards better health, as you relieve stress and become more relaxed. Visioning keeps our physical, mental, spiritual health, and memories alive and fresh, as well as our ability to think healthy and strong. When we focus on any new task which stimulates our brain, such as learning a new language, a musical instrument, or starting a new sport or hobby, we encourage our brain cells to move from our subconscious intangible energy (chi), which is our life force, into manifestation.

As my computer guy worked to fix my computer, I retrieved my vision board materials and started by writing out a “vision statement”. I projected a major client and cash flow increase in my business. By the time he left, my vision board was complete. When I looked at it, I felt deeply relaxed, invigorated, and satisfied with its rich and meaningful personal quality. As always, self-expression promotes a feeling of well-being. According to some brain researchers (there is a wealth of compelling brain research on this topic), this creative exercise and focus encourages brain cell growth, and increases brain plasticity. The brain continues to grow, no matter your age.

My vision board process so inspired me to understand a new approach to my present business goals that I nearly forgot about my computer failure for the moment, and soared into that creative space where time doesn’t exist. I remembered that ninety-percent of all our thoughts are buried in our subconscious, and unless we reach them through intention, these thoughts and desires stay dormant, except when they appear as dreams or in unusual circumstances , such as neurosis or physical illnesses. After eight and one-half hours, my computer expert discovers an animal has chewed through my computer cable, and fixes the problem, and I feel renewed. The very next day, potential clients call and my life (and my computer) started to flow again.

A vision board is a powerful and multifaceted tool to help us increase mental and physical health, realize our dreams, raise consciousness, inspire ourselves, and help us focus. The vision board is a map to our creativity and a way to unleash the inner colors of our subconscious mind. And best of all, a vision board is really fun to do.

Artist and editor Judith Fine-Sarchielli is a Certified Vision Board Counselor who lives in Topanga, CA. She consults on vision boards, presents gorup and individual workshops,and can be contacted via her website at sarchjudith@gmail.com

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Artist and editor Judith Fine-Sarchielli is a Certified Vision Board Counselor who lives in Topanga. She consults on vision boards, and can be contacted via her website atwww.visionboardart.vpweb.com or sarchjudith@gmail.com