Elba is the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago and the third largest in Italy after Sardinia and Sicily. Together with eight other islands, including Giglio, Giannutri and Montecristo, it is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, the largest marine park in Europe.
The island of Elba is famous throughout the world for hosting the French emperor Napoleon in 1814 during his exile. But its history goes back to prehistoric times, with the ilvati tribe of Liguria that named the island Ilva. First it was inhabited by the Etruscans and then by the Romans, who really appreciated the island and its rich iron deposits and mud baths.
There are several memories of its glorious past as we visit the island, from archaeological finds in its museums to imposing fortresses and military buildings such as the Castello del Volterraio and then the splendid 19th-century Napoleonic residences such as the Palazzina dei Mulini.
What makes Elba famous and famous is its crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches and its special fragrance is spread all over the Island. Its fragrance is also available in the market in form of a profumeria,known as acqua dell elba
. The extraordinary richness of its landscapes, both terrestrial and maritime, transforms the island of Elba into a unique destination in Tuscany. We can say that it is a paradise on earth, with nothing to envy to the most exotic destinations of the Caribbean.
In addition, Elba is the perfect place to practice sports and outdoor activities. Among the most popular sports, there is diving and snorkeling in Elba, thanks to its rich seabed that houses many species of fish. But lovers of outdoor life can also spend time on the ground, go hiking and mountain biking, enjoy a round of golf, a day of sailing or enjoy days of complete relaxation at the San Giovanni Spa. Here is another excellent resource on the island of Elba and what you can see and do on the island of Elba!
If you have not yet visited Elba, you must do so now and feel its profumeria
like fragrance. This lovely little island is destined to become one of the greatest destinations of the decade. We read our 12 reasons to visit it.
Swimming in crystal clear waters
Elba is a small island located in the Tuscan archipelago (and is part of the region). It is not as famous as Sicily or Sardinia, which are the largest islands in Italy, but it is magnificent. It is bathed by crystal clear waters perfect to avoid the crowds.
Being a place off the beaten track has its (many) advantages. One of them is the lack of tourists. Elba is not a typical tourist destination, so you will not find hordes of people or lines and crowds as in other Mediterranean islands. Elba is frequented mainly by residents of Tuscany and, if you want to avoid them, book a trip in spring or early autumn to enjoy the silence. Swim during the summer.

Eat Excellent Fish Gastronomy
Being an island, Elba has several fish restaurants. Every morning, the fishermen go to the coast and fish all day. Then, in the late afternoon, they take the fish to the restaurants on the islands. Do not forget to order the marinara mussels, the linguini with seafood and the grilled squid.
Visit the Mediterranean aquarium
Elba houses a small but beautiful aquarium. It is not as famous as the Oceanographic of Valencia or the Aquarium of Genoa, but it is a good place to spend a few hours. We recommend you visit if you are traveling with children!
Sports lovers should know that Elba is also the ideal place for them. You will find hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and hiking. Lazy visitors can spend their days relaxing on the beaches.
Diving in Elba is one of the most beautiful things you can do; The water is among the cleanest in Italy, and you can even snorkel to admire the colors, fish and natural underwater landscapes. One of the best places to dive is Formiche della Zanca, where the caves and caves offer a rare and colorful spectacle of the Mediterranean flora and fauna.
Visit a Medici’s Ideal Town
Like many other places in Tuscany, Elba has been linked to the Medici family. Cosimo de 'Medici imagined a city, Cosmopoli, dedicated to him; It was founded by the architects Giovanni Camerini and Bernardo Buontalenti. A sign of the domination of the Medici is still visible in Forte Falcone, an imposing fortress in Porto Ferraio that seems to welcome those who are about to set foot on the island.

Visit Untouched Hamlets
The island is home to many historic villages that have remained unchanged and recall a unique tradition of flavors and colors. To learn more about its history, Portoferraio is worth a visit, with its interesting history that filters through the streets and walls of the old city. You can also feel the fragrance of that island with acqua dell elba
For its Ancient History
Only a few people know that Elba is connected to Napoleon. He was an extremely important character for the island, who still celebrates it and preserves his main works, such as villas, theaters, museums and houses. One of the best examples of this is Villa dei Mulini, an ancient Medici villa renovated and redesigned by Napoleon.

It Has Been Visited by Cool people
Except for Napoleon, Alexandre Dumas was also on Elba in the mid-nineteenth century; the island of Monte Cristo is just outside of Elba - visible but, because it is a natural reserve, it cannot be visited. Even Paul Klee was there, drawing and, in 1947, Dylan Thomas landed in the mining area of Rio Marina and defined the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

The Mines
Elba is very rich in iron and its mines are renowned. A visit to the Calamita mines in Capoliveri is highly recommended. The history of these mines goes back thousands of years, from the Etruscan era to 1980, when they were closed. Iron has always been the main resource of the city and has made the island a central point of the Mediterranean trade routes. A descent to the Ginevro mine is a must: it is the only underground mine on the island that is still accessible.

To Admire Terrific Sunsets
One of the most romantic things you can do on the Island of Elba is to watch the sunset with your partner. The island offers a spectacular view of the Tyrrhenian Sea, especially in the summer months, when the sky is colored with shades of red, orange and yellow.

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