London is a people magnet because there are so many reasons to be there. Visitors may be taking in the sights, catching a flight to somewhere else or attending a gig, conference, convention or exhibition. They could be ‘in town’ for a business meeting or seeking an onward rail or road connection.

There is always something going on in the Big Smoke. Even in mainly residential areas, there is often a market during the day or a local band playing in the evening. Students will quickly find out about the network of social groups associated with their place of study. Similar local groups exist in many residential areas too - knit and natter, walking groups, exercise classes in just about every village hall. There’s no shortage of social life outside the standard tourist areas, that’s for sure.

London is, of course, known for its tourist locations. Visitors return time after time and still find new places to see as well as going back to old favourites. Some people say their time in London is not complete without a walk in Hyde Park; others prefer a stroll down the Embankment or a trip to a particular museum or attraction.

But if a visitor to London is staying for a longer time, or is in the capital on business rather than for pleasure, then they may well find themselves in need of office space, secure fast wifi, a reliable landline phone, maybe a printer or a meeting room. In that case, one of the many office spaces in London will be able to help. These locations have all the typical business machinery and facilities, but they are shared by many users. Some can be rented for a few hours or a day. Others may require a longer lease. Whatever the requirements, there will be a suitable location available. Leasing a room or space in a shared office like this can smooth business transactions. It’s more professional than meeting a client in a coffee shop or at the hotel bar, plus there are the additional services such as reception staff and call handlers as well as the convenience of a typical office environment. Serviced offices serve many purposes, but for visitors, they are ideal places to conduct business on an as-needs basis.

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