Travel Medical Insurance is an essential insurance policy for all age groups. For students living in the U.S. as immigrants, whose family comes to meet them, you may stress over their wellbeing during their travel. Things might not work well, or any unforeseen incidents can happen, but if you have an International Travel Medical Insurance policy handy, then there is nothing to worry about!

So, in this article, we shall discuss Visitor Medical Insurance for Age 80 and above!

Age is a critical factor in a travel health insurance plan. Companies like Visitor Insurance offer policies that have multiple benefits for people over the age of 70-80.


Usually, non-U.S. travel insurance companies conduct a medical exam and then issue a policy for people over 70-80 years old. Even U.S.-based travel medical insurance companies have their set patterns that are not easy for this age group. You can find the policies wherein the maximum amount is restricted to $50,000 for complete plans and limited coverage plans covering up to $75,000. For people aged above 80, the policy maximum is even less.

Also, for older people, the premium for purchasing Insurance is always higher; this is due to a higher risk of illness. Hence, medical Insurance for people aged above 80 years is mostly pricy but has good coverage. And, talking about the U.S specifically, for any non-resident, the medical expenses in the U.S. are immensely high, costing you lots for a simple treatment.

Read on these critical points that can guide you before you buy a Medical Plan for Age 80 and above:

  • Time of Travel – Consider the duration of the trip in the U.S before you finalize any medical plan. If the tour is more extended (you are prone to sickness), prefer a higher policy maximum, as there is a lower possibility of covering the expenses by self.
  • Present Health Condition – Your general health is the most important. If the traveler’s general health is prone to illness or generally unhealthy, the preference should always be for a higher policy plan otherwise buy a lower coverage that covers accidents or injuries.
  • Purpose/Plan for Visit – Your itinerary is quite essential! Think through if the traveler (aged above 80 years) will be indoors more or outdoors. For outdoors, as we suggested earlier, a comprehensive coverage policy with a higher policy maximum will work best, but for indoors, go for a limited coverage plan.
  • Suggestions - Connect with good travel insurance companies that can offer appropriate policies as per your budget and requirements. We have highlighted some points that can let you make the correct decision. We can recommend Visitor Insurance offering suitable Travel Medical policies for people aged 80 and above.
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