User experience is a term often used in the fields of web development and mobile application development. As the degree of competition is high, it is sufficient not only to design the visually appealing but also to consider the user's preferences. And this is precisely where the user experience helps determine whether users' interactions with the website or application are optimal.

Well, the visual elements are not just the factor to determine user experience in an application; they can significantly affect it. In this write-up, we can see the common visual elements of each app and how each of them can affect the user experience.


An image is one of the most apparent visual elements on any app. The simple word "view" in the application and web context lets us think about illustrations and pictures instantly. Images are essential in any design because they not just enable visitors to understand the app message rapidly. Still, they are indeed necessary components of any attractive app and website.

In some apps, it is inconceivable that images are not included because they are online stores where it is necessary to present quality photos of entire products being offered. Moreover, even on sites based on blogs or online newspapers where there is a large amount of content text, photographs, or pictures, which usually accompany the text.


Both images and text are essential elements on any app or website. But you should consider not only the language and communication accent that you use, with which you have written the text that you will put on your site, but also the typographic font you use.

As you should know, fonts affect the message you send and can help reinforce the message. For this reason, selecting fonts can be a challenge, uniquely, if you must combine them with others that suit for titles.

Apart from considering fonts, you should also keep in mind their size and color. If it is not a suitable color that does not have enough contrast with the background, it will impact the text readability.


Logos are components identified with corporate identity and are typically put in any graphic piece having a place with the brand, regardless of whether it is printed or advanced design. No design, at that point that they are put in a visible place on the site and continuously kept in sight. Right now, the client recognizes that the site has a place with the said brand.

Despite their fundamental purpose on sites, logos likewise can improve the user experience. Usually, for clients, logos are a sign of the brand, yet on a website, they give another extra importance: come back to Home. On numerous sites, the logo is typically connected to the landing page.

CTA Buttons:

The call-to-action buttons have an apparent reason: to indicate to the clients the activity to be performed. Be it downloads a newsletter, get to a free preliminary, sign up for a service, become familiar with an item or administration, and so forth. There are unlimited possibilities outcomes of actions that a client can take in an application. It is dependent upon the customer's targets to figure out what it will be.

In many cases, call-to-action buttons are customarily considered as a starting stage. Therefore, it is entirely expected to find them on landing pages, regularly prominently situated on the screenshot to which the visitor has access.

Summing up:

The experience of the end-user goes beyond the aesthetic or visual aspect of an app. Visitors should consider interacting with the app. However, layout, color, and image decisions have a profound effect on user experience, and for this reason, they must consider this factor.

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