Visualization and Relaxation
There are many techniques that use visualization to help people free themselves from anxiety, panic- attacks and other problems of all kinds.
One of them is certainly self-hypnosis, but there is also neurolinguistic programming that uses visualization. Visualization and imagination are two very important supports to helping people release anxiety and many other not related problems. Meditation often also works with visualization and all of these methods are working towards a relaxation of the body, the mind and the spirit.
In fact, what is most needed is relaxation. People are too tense and once they achieve relaxation, every problem can be solved in an easier way. How can we bring these two techniques together? And how can they support each other?
You can visualize a problem, give it a form and a size. You can also give it a color and other physical aspects. When visualizing in this way, the body gets relaxed on its own and once all physical attributes are given to the problem, it dissolves itself. This is the ideal case. Not every person will be able to do this the first time and on their own. It might be better to give them some input. Anxious people feel safer if they are guided in such a visualization. But they are also surprised by the results they achieve.
Relaxation can be reached with the aid of your mind, but also with soft music. Play new age music that takes you into a state of alertness but with less tension in your muscles. In this state everything seems to be easier. The same results can be achieved with baroque music or music by Mozart. In fact, relaxation and also visualization can be reached by listening to music by Johann Sebastian Bach, by Friedrich Händel, as long as you listen to his adagios, by Antonio Vivaldi and by Telemann. All these composers have written pieces that change from adagios and largos to quicker pieces, but only the adagios or largos can be used for relaxation. Certain pieces by Amadeus Mozart are considered to have a healing effect. They are also used to enhance learning skills.
While relaxing with these pieces of music, the person can visualize their problems and therefore see them no longer as heavy and something that cannot be solved. Music and therefore relaxation together with and visualization, help to overcome almost every problem or at least to find a solution to it. They should be used more often.

Author's Bio: 

I am Elisabetta Reist from Switzerland.My passions are languages (I am a professional translator) and as a coach to help people improve their lives. My main aim is to help people overcome their anxiety and panic attacks. I work with EFT, EmoTrance, SpringForestQiGong, Agegate-Therapy